AFCON 2021 is here and it means that “it’s time to cheer for Africa!” Flutterwave is Africa’s National team at the tournament and there’s a very good reason why.

First of all, we’re grateful for the privilege to bring the amazing AFCON spectacle to millions of Africans for free. We feel really privileged to be able to impact everyday Africans to this level.

Now, to why GB said, “we’re Africa’s National Team.”

We’re Africa’s National team because we have the most complete team made up of “players” that represent our Africa and our African aspirations. Here’s your intro to the “players.”


In defence we have a couple of players that defend for you.

PCI-DSS Level 1 Certification.

PCI-DSS stands for The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and it basically refers to a set of standards that ALL companies that process, store, or transmit cardholder data have to adhere to.

It’s a global set of standards and there are 4 possible levels of PCI-DSS certifications that a company can acquire, Level 1 being the highest. This means that we have acquired the highest standard of safety when it comes to processing your card information.

The Flutterwave Payment Protection Promise.

The Flutterwave Payment Protection Promise provides you with a guarantee that ensures that you are protected every time you spend with Flutterwave. We guaranty that you will be protected if the item or service you paid for didn’t arrive, is faulty or damaged, or doesn’t match what was listed.


To help you stay in control of your business, first we have our flagship product:

Flutterwave for Business

Flutterwave for Business is now largely a platform that contains many products and features that help you grow your business. When we get to the “attack” segment we’ll shine a light on them.

Barter by Flutterwave

Barter is a lifestyle mobile app that allows you to store money and spend or send it at your convenience. You can spend it by creating virtual cards or by paying Flutterwave merchants. You can also pay bills, buy airtime and data on the app.


Disha is the creator’s best friend, home, business-front etc. Disha empowers makers and creators with tools and templates to showcase their work, grow and get paid without writing code.

Flutterwave Market

Flutterwave Market is a listing of products available in individual Flutterwave Stores that makes it easier for merchants to make sales because they’re more easily discovered by customers.


In attack we have some of the best players out there for you whether you’re a business or an individual.

Flutterwave Payment Links

Flutterwave Payment Links allow you to easily receive payments without a website. You’re able to easily create a link that could either be used to collect a one-off payment or recurring payments. No website, no technical knowledge required, just create a link and receive money from anyone, anywhere.

Flutterwave Store

Flutterwave Store is quite simply the best and easiest way to launch and manage an e-commerce business that accepts payments from anywhere in the world without creating a website, knowing how to code etc. Everything you need to provide the best shopping experience for your customer is available with a few clicks.

Flutterwave Invoices

Still on commerce tools, Flutterwave invoices helps you create professional invoices to get paid by anyone, anywhere. You’re able to not only send invoices in multiple currencies, you’re also able to track payments, send reminders, etc.

Flutterwave Grow

Flutterwave Grow simplifies the process of registering and incorporating your business in the US, UK, and Nigeria from anywhere by removing all the complexity around paperwork and legal procedures.

Send by Flutterwave

Now to our top striker – Send!!

Send is finding yourself in Nairobi and being able to add your US-issued Bank Card to a product that will allow you to patronize local businesses straight to their mPesa wallet.

Send is the freedom to conveniently and securely send money whenever and to wherever you want.

Send is direct, straight to the point, and is all about immediate action. Do it Now is not just a mantra, it’s a way of life.

What a stellar lineup that’s focused on you. It’s all about creating endless possibilities for you. So, cheer for Africa, and cheer for Africa’s National Team at AFCON 2021!

Published by dikachim

Head, Product Marketing