When sending money, especially to destinations that are thousands of kilometres away, one of the most vital features considered is the speed of delivery of the money transfer service. It is quite obvious why the delivery time is so important: receiving the money early or later can be the difference in the recipient being able to cater for a hospital bill, make purchases or resolve troubles. This is why speed is important.

Today, Flutterwave launched Send, a tool that allows its users to send money to the ones that matter to them no matter where they find themselves in the world. Send allows individuals and businesses to comfortably send money in a convenient and favourable way to the recipient.

Through Send, businesses and individuals such as developers can easily carry out money transfer solutions for their clients or even create their money transfer solutions powered by Send.

Within minutes or within days? The choice is yours!

With Send, users have the opportunity to send money directly to the bank accounts of recipients or their Barter accounts. The only requirement here is to ensure the recipient has a Barter account. To create a Barter account, click here to get started.

Money transfers to bank accounts take one to three working days, whereas transfers to Barter accounts are instant. The recipient receives the money in seconds when Barter is selected as the delivery method. This, therefore, makes Barter the quickest and easiest way to Send money via Send.

What’s stopping you? Do it now! Visit send.flutterwave.com to send money to those that matter to you, and remember, within minutes or days? The choice is yours!

Published by Owuraku Ohene Ampadu-Kissi

Product marketer