Flutterwave has always been about endless possibilities, for big businesses, small businesses and also individuals. We’ve always created products that enable us to make life easy for our customers.

To further make your business operations more seamless and to provide you with the best & fastest money transfer solution in Africa, we’ve built a new product, Send By Flutterwave

Send is leveraging 5 years+ work of building relationships, bridges and infrastructure that connects African payments to build the ultimate money transfer solution.

Send allows individuals and businesses to easily send money to those that matter in a way that’s convenient to the recipient. Developers are able to easily implement money transfer solutions for their clients or even build their own money transfer solutions powered by Send. You can learn more about Send in this detailed blog post.

How Send Transforms Your Business 

Send powers transfers in Flutterwave for Business, so just like individuals, Flutterwave businesses are able to leverage the power of Send to send money to their suppliers, contractors, employees etc. 

Send creates endless possibilities for your businesses by:

 1. Seamless Payment To Suppliers & Contractors Across The Globe

With our rapidly growing coverage across the globe, transferring money to your contractors and suppliers has become seamless. Send is easy to use, fast and transparent as there are no hidden charges when you are sending money to your suppliers. Send also ensures the recipient receives the money in a convenient way; they can receive their funds via Barter (in minutes), their Bank or a Cash Pick-Up agent. 

2. Conveniently Pay Your Employees

With Send, you can conveniently pay your employees. You just need to choose the “bulk transfer” option on the “transfers” segment of your dashboard, set up the payroll, upload it and we take it from there! 

To set up the payroll, you need a “csv” file that contains the account number, bank name, amount and narration. 

3. Send Money To Over 40+ Countries

With over 5 years of building payment infrastructure, leveraging relationships and partnerships, Flutterwave has helped African businesses to do business with the world. Send will thrive on this needed groundwork and empower Flutterwave businesses to easily send money to over 150 currencies across 40+ countries. 

4. Build Great Products With Send’s APIs

Businesses and fintechs can easily leverage the power of Send to build great products by integrating Send’s API endpoints and SDKs into their products. The integration allows you to process all kinds of transfers – one-time, bulk, recurring and more. Your product will also enjoy all the benefits of Send – speed, coverage (over 150 currencies), transparency and convenience. 

To integrate Send APIs in your product, read more on our documentation page

Every product we build at Flutterwave, we build with you in mind, we want to serve you and provide the best & fastest way to solve your problems. With Send, we’re making sure you never have to worry about easily sending money to your family, friends, suppliers, contractors, employees and everyone that matters to you. 

Send that money now, not later!

Published by Rotimi Okungbaye

Product marketer