At Flutterwave, we are always looking for ways to take part in innovative initiatives that improve lives and communities. We have recently joined  Loyola Jesuit College’s (LJC) STEAM Project, as a way to support the growth of young people in Africa.

The STEAM Project is a new curriculum that will get the students of LJC prepared for a new, technologically advanced era. They will learn cybersecurity, coding, cloud, and other awesome things to equip them with skills and knowledge fit for the 21st Century. In addition, it also includes the purchase of a solar PV power plant for the LJC campus in Abuja, Nigeria. 

We recognize that young people and technology are the future of Africa, so we have also made a donation  towards a renewable power solution as part of The STEAM Project. LJC is accepting public donations and has set up a Flutterwave donation link to ease the process. Feel free to be a part of this initiative and make a donation.

Technology has an outsized impact in the everyday lives of Africans. We’re equipping the future generation of Africans to flourish and compete in this digital age. The STEAM Project is a great opportunity to bring this dream alive, and we are very excited to see its outcome.

Published by Seun OG

Content Creator