Accepting payments from as wide a variety of customers as possible definitely is to your own advantage. There we have a reason even before we got into the post. Well, it’s still important that you keep reading to find out if you really need to accept Discover® Global Network cards.

Say Hello to 270+million Cardholders 

The Discover® Global Network has 270+million cardholders across the globe. Not accepting Discover® Global Network cards means missing out on potential customers and that’s not good for business. More options for payment = potentially more customers.

Gateway to a Huge Global Market


Yes, $415+ billion dollars was the volume of transactions generated within the Discover® Global Network in 2020. The Discover® Global Network is a card scheme that keeps growing and is seeing significant growth in volume of transactions. The 270+ million card holders are making payments and your business could potentially benefit.

Embrace a Growing Card Scheme 

62%3 is the increase in Discover® Global Network volume growth from 2010 to 2019. This says that the Discover® Global Network is the card scheme for now and for the future. Accepting Discover® Global Network cards puts you at the forefront of business in years to come.

The Discover® Global Network is designed to truly lift your business to greater heights and there’s no reason you shouldn’t get in now. So, how do you get in? Well, with Flutterwave’s integration with Discover® Global Network, all businesses on Flutterwave can accept all Discover® Global Network cards. 

So, simply create a FREE Flutterwave account and start accepting Discover® Global Network cards. Read more about Discover® Global Network here. Read the Press Release here.

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