Nigerians call it football. Americans call it soccer, and this has been a great point of contention among football fans, worldwide. But that is not the story for today. The story is that Nigerians can now increasingly earn from their passion for sports and football, and Flutterwave is making this seamless.

We have partnered with the British Gaming Company, Betway, to provide seamless gaming services to Nigerians and here are 5 need-to-know facts about this partnership:

It is free for the customers: No hidden charges, no fees for the customer. If you fund your Betway Wallet with N500 via card transactions on Flutterwave, what you receive on your Betway Wallet is exactly N500. This partnership totally favors the customers and you should give it a try. For real. 

It is instant: Flutterwave is reputed for having the fastest and most modern payment technology in Africa. What this means is that the technology is optimized for speed, security and ease. If you fund your Betway Wallet using your credit or debit card on Flutterwave, all you need to do is refresh your Betway dashboard and there is your money. 

6 Secure Payment Options: With Flutterwave payment gateway, you have 6 easy-to-use payment options. They are: Pay with card, Pay with USSD, Pay with Bank, Pay with Mvisa-QR, Pay with Barter and Pay with PayAttitude. 

Pay with card is where you get to input your card details and fund your Betway Wallet. This process is protected via a 2 factor authentication. What this means is that your money is very much secured. Tap the Pay With Card option on your Flutterwave payment page, input your card details and pay. Of Course you will need to authorise the payment on your phone or your chosen authentication method. 

Perhaps you do not want the pay with card option, then you simply pay with USSD. This allows you fund your Betway Wallet without an internet-enabled phone.  Click the option, choose your bank, and you will be given a USSD code. Dial and send the code on your phone to fund your wallet. Easy does it!

Let’s say you are one of our hundreds of thousands of Barter lovers, then you can Pay with Barter. Even if you do not have your Barter installed, you can GetBarter here. Set up your account and on the payment option, click Pay with Barter. You then login to your Barter and simply follow the instructions to make a transfer to your Betway Wallet.

Are you feeling a little techy and want to Pay with Mvisa-QR? Simple! Click on Pay with Mvisa-QR, the system will generate a unique QR code for you. All you need to do is Scan to Pay. 

You can also Pay with PayAttitude. Simply select the option on your Flutterwave payment gateway, put your phone number and pay. However, your phone number must be registered for this to work. To register, dial *569# or download the PayAttitude Digital App. 

There is an option to Pay with Bank too. Tap on ‘Pay with Bank,’ input your bank account number and follow the instructions to pay. It is pretty intuitive and seamless.

You think we’re done with the amazing facts? 

Flutterwave is a global business whose operations span across Africa, Europe, America with plans to further expand into other continents. An account with us is an account with the world. All we want to help you achieve is to simplify payment for endless possibilities. We handle the most difficult part of doing business which is collecting payment. This offers you the freedom to create and grow. 

 So, are you the one getting paid or paying? Flutterwave has your back. 

Quick sign-up: You can signup and fund your Betway Wallet with Flutterwave in 4 easy steps:

1. Login to your Betway account or create one

2. Tap ‘Deposit’ and select Flutterwave

3. Select an amount and proceed

 4. Select a payment method and pay

Get started here

Published by Nonso

Senior Manager, Branding and Storytelling