Instagram is proving a very fertile ground for many businesses but why are some particularly successful? Is there a secret? We examined a few Instagram Businesses to see the steps they’ve taken so far that’s aiding their success.

They do giveaways but not like everyone else does

A lot of people try to grow their business by giving away money or giving away some of the products they are selling. We’ve found out that this only attracts freeloaders that are only there for free stuff and they hardly ever become paying customers. So, giveaways don’t work then? No, they do, and they work very well for Laju “The Lord’s Storyteller” Iren. Laju Iren sells books like Mirror Mirror and Dating Intelligently, and gives away books like “Book writing for Busy Women” for free, instead of giving away money or the books that are for sale. Let your Instagram giveaway be about giving away value without diminishing the worth of the product you sell.

They don’t do DM for price

“Dm for price” can be such an inefficient way to sell. We’ve likened it in the past to having to walk from the aisle in a big store, to the cashier, every time you wanted to know what an item cost. Logiprenuers does a good job of labelling the cost of their online courses and ebooks on their linktree page so that you don’t have to ask for price. Using an online store (Flutterwave Store) also means you can order without contacting them. It’s very efficient and effective.

They sell an experience not just a product

Selling an experience instead of just a product is an amazing way to add value to your customers and make your brand unforgettable. Lagos, Nigeria, based Yejide Lifestyle which is a Ready-To-Wear brand, sells fun dresses for women. In the picture above, the only item they sell is the dress, but by pairing the dress with all the accessories, you immediately have a vision of what the dress would/could look like. You can already imagine yourself in it, and you’re already helped with styling for the dress – which means you’re likelier to buy. Some other brands achieve this by having a model wear the dress but this is a very cost-effective way of achieving it.

They manage orders effectively

This is especially important for food businesses. It’s important to enforce a strict cut-off time for orders. This not only helps you manage customers’ expectations, it also allows you to manage ingredients effectively to increase profits, and to reduce the chances of waste. Best part is that by announcing it, you trigger the Fear-Of-Missing-Out button in your customers which pushes them to place their order. Smoke – BBQ In A Box does this very well, and it continues to aid their skyrocketing growth.

They’re transparent

As a business, it’s important to be seen as transparent by your customers. People often say that you have to “fake it till you make it,” but we disagree. People buy a lot on instagram because of the human interaction, the images they see, and your story that they follow. If you’re like Edible Loaf – a business that’s only just started in the kitchen at home – don’t be afraid to show it. Don’t mask your beginnings to come across as a big company. People will appreciate your story and grow with you if you’re transparent about it.

It’s not a coincidence that all 5 of these businesses use Flutterwave Store. They use Flutterwave Store because in addition to these factors mentioned, they know that to sell effectively on social media, you need a simple online store that allows you accept payments from multiple sources, handle orders and deliveries and is completely FREE of charge to use. Click here to learn about Flutterwave Store.

We hope that this post inspires you to be on your path to success.

Happy selling!

Published by dikachim

Head, Product Marketing