The Barter Team has been busy, and now we’ve got updates!

TL;DRBarter is even more amazing than you remember! We’ve updated the app, fixed bugs, improved the overall user experience. And, in furtherance of our #KeepTheLightsOn initiative, we are making it free to send money to anyone anywhere in Africa. We figure the continent could use a few credit alerts right now.


Over the years since we first launched the app, we’ve received quite a bit of feedback from Barter users like yourself about what they love the most about Barter, and suggestions for improving the app. We’ve been listening!

Recently, we took Barter to the Engineers for a massive tune-up, a paint job, and an upgrade; and boy, have we got news for you! The bullseye goal for this update was improving the User Experience for you, and here’s a breakdown of what went down:

The first thing you might notice is the new and improved Home Page. We have made it much easier to access and use your most beloved Barter features right from the Home Page.

We called in the bug Exterminator to help with some of those pesky little bugs, and we can’t wait for you to take the freshly tuned-up Barter out for a spin. You will notice performance improvements and a certain je ne sais quois. That’s that tune-up kicking in.

A better Barter means a better user experience, and you will find that we have incorporated recommendations and suggestions from the community; to those who sent us messages on Social Media and participated in our Feedback Sessions; thank you!

We have redesigned the Pay Bills page to show you all your billers in a simple, scrollable and searchable list view.

We added a More page to the menu at the bottom and moved some features in therein order to declutter certain parts of the app. For example, Loans, Pay With QR, and the Send Money to WhatsApp feature have all found a new home here and seem to have settled in nicely.

Also, Rwanda and Zambian customers now get to see and perform transactions in their own currency. Saved you some currency conversion math there, didn’t we?

Everyone we know agrees that, when money’s involved, it’s better to be too safe than sorry. The security and safety of our users are a big deal for us at Barter. You probably already know this if you’ve had your account flagged before or tried to perform an unusual transaction.
Now we’re adding an extra layer of communication and will send you an email when we notice a password change. Just in case.

You might (be pleasantly surprised too) see an occasional page or two that explains certain features or answers some frequently asked questions many of our users have. Let us know if you find those helpful.

To curb abuse, we now have card creation at a $5 minimum.
And if you’re in Nigeria, when funding and withdrawing from a Dollar card, we now show you the day’s exchange rate.

It’s been a tough couple of months for the world, and we thought the world could use some good news.

We started out with one question: How could we help everyday people #KeepTheLightsOn? To us, that meant giving them the freedom to pay or be paid for goods and services; or to receive money, and send money to friends and loved ones in faraway cities across the continent.
For this reason, we are enabling free Barter to Barter transfers for anyone anywhere in Africa.

We hope that this helps in some way to make the uncertainty of these trying times a little more bearable.

The new Barter update is available right now on both the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store, so go ahead and download it, and do what you do when you Barter! Shut down Amazon. Pay for all your streaming services. Send money to anyone anywhere in Africa. The world is yours for the taking and we are always happy to help!

With Love,

The Barter Team at Flutterwave

Published by Wendy

Head, Branding and Storytelling