This has been a long time coming, some would say, it’s even long overdue. 

But it’s finally here, our first TV ad! 

Our mission has always been to simplify payments, in doing this we are able to give consumers easier access, businesses the opportunity to grow revenue and reach, which obviously has positive effects on the economy and for the continent. The possibilities are endless. 

Sometimes it’s easy to limit payments to transactions, and 0s and 1s, but, it goes beyond that. Payments make it possible for us to fulfil the promises we make to ourselves and our loved ones. It could be the difference between being able to pay your hospital bills, to provide for the family, to create an experience that truly lasts a lifetime. 

 With over 100,000 businesses in the world using Flutterwave, we believe that our mission is achievable, and also within reach. We wanted to spread the word even more by sharing the moments behind the payments that happen as a result of our infrastructure. 

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Published by Wendy

Head, Branding and Storytelling