The excitement of catching a flight, the rush of emotions as the plane starts building up speed, gets your heart pumping but sometimes the experience is often not great. Is there a way to make the flying experience better then?

Yes, Obi Mbanuzuo, COO & Accountable Manager of Dana Airlines, says it can be better. He shared 3 major tips that will prepare you for a stress-free flight. Here they are:

Tip #1: Buy your tickets on time

You have probably heard this a thousand and one times but we still find people buying their tickets at the last hour. You’re likely to get amazing flight ticket deals if you purchase early. 

Tip #2: Book Online

If you’d like to get the best deals on flight tickets and be able to analyse the cost based on the day you’d be purchasing the ticket then booking online is the best. It also saves you from the stress of queuing.

Tip #3: Arrive on time for Check-in

Catching a flight is totally different from hopping on a bus because of the process. Most airlines require you to show up for check-in two hours before the plane takes off. You can’t predict the number of people that will show up for the flight, so the check-in process could take an hour or more. So you need to factor this to your time. 

You could also check-in online for your flight but your physical presence is still needed to collect your boarding pass and to check-in your luggage.

We hope these tips help you to breeze through your first flight with ease. Watch the full video below:

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