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A more detailed landing page and dashboard

Our new landing page provides more information about Rave Social and what you, and other business owners, can benefit from creating an account with us.
Your new dashboard also has more information about your products, order details, and how your customers are paying you.
Curious to see what it looks like? Follow this link.

Add unlimited product photos from your camera roll/phone gallery

You can now upload pictures right from your phone gallery to your Rave Social store. We’ve made it possible for you to sell more products and services from your store.
You can also upload multiple pictures for one product to show your customers a complete view of what you’re selling.

Pay for your Rave Social subscription from your dashboard.

Your first 30 days on Rave Social are free, but once the free trial is up, you have the option of paying 2,500/mo to continue using your store. If you choose not to pay the subscription fee, your Rave Social store will be disabled after your free trial is expired.
N.B: Rave Social is free for current users until the 1st of June, 2018. After you pay for the monthly subscription fee, your mode of payment (card or bank account) will be charged on a recurring basis.

New notifications settings

You can now receive dashboard notifications for new orders and items that need to be restocked in your store. You no longer have to manually check for new orders or when a product has run out of stock.

Save a product feature

You can now save a product to your account without needing to upload it to your store. You can add descriptions and additional information to any saved product.

Mark fulfilled orders

You can now mark orders as fulfilled after they’ve been shipped and delivered to your customers. By making adding this update, you easier manage all your unfulfilled, processed, and fulfilled orders from your dashboard.

Connect, disconnect, and reconnect Instagram accounts

And by popular demand, we’ve made it possible for you to disconnect an existing Instagram from your Rave Social dashboard and reconnect a new Instagram account. This update is pretty useful for business owners who run multiple Instagram businesses.

Custom domains

We’ll be making it possible for you to add custom domains to their Rave Social store links. E.G: If your business name is Sugar Shoes, you’ll be able to customize your Rave Social store link to


We’re super excited about this upcoming feature. You’ll soon be able to send your customers beautiful invoices right from your dashboard.
We’ll be back in two weeks with more updates, plans, and progress reports.
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