Joseph joined our small team in Ghana a few weeks ago and recently wrote about his experience so far. We’re sharing a few bits from his post; to read the full story, visit his blog here.
Although I’ve only been with Flutterwave for a few weeks, I’d like to share my experience so far;
I landed in Lagos in the evening and was taken to the Flutterwave office to meet up with some of my team members before heading to my hotel. I met with Modupe Durosinmi-Etti, Flutterwave’s Developer Community Manager (who by the way was a great help). She helped me get acquainted with everyone and also helped out with my hotel and transportation.


One of the first things I noticed about Flutterwave is how diverse their teams are. The company has a good balance of young men and women with different skillsets. The diversity was kind of refreshing to see if I’m being honest. I couldn’t help but make a mental note.

There’s always a level of nervousness you feel you’re in a new environment and trying to familiarise with a team that’s already works in sync. In the back of your mind, you worry a bit about fitting in.
But the Flutterwave team has been really great and I’ve had no problem with fitting in. I definitely had some great conversations and bonded with the designers while we worked.

Flutterwave not only uses Slack for work, they also created a separate Slack space for developers who are interested in integrating their APIs into online/offline products and services.
I was added to Flutterwave’s Slack after I joined the team. Apart from internal communications and work talk, there are a few channels dedicated to sharing office banter and funny videos.
The journey with Flutterwave has just begun and I’m really looking forward to what is coming next.]]>

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