With Father’s Day just around the corner, many of us face the challenge of finding the perfect gift for our dads. Choosing a meaningful and useful present can be difficult, but it’s a special way to show our love and appreciation. Most of what you need to do is pay attention to what they do, how they do it, and what they talk about a lot. People often give out these hints without realizing it.

Here’s a guide to help you choose the perfect gift based on different dad personalities and interests:

For the Fashionista Dad

Is your dad or the person you want to give gifts to a fashionista? This means they would probably like fashion items ranging from shoes, ties, shirts, caps, to sunglasses. Pay attention to which fashion item they buy no matter how broke they are. If your dad finds a way to buy a shoe once in a quarter, that is a cue to look into. You can then use that to buy them a shoe you think they would like.

  • Shoes: Look for a high-quality pair in a style he loves.
  • Ties: Choose patterns or colours that complement his wardrobe.
  • Shirts: Opt for well-fitted, comfortable materials.
  • Caps: Find brands or designs he prefers.
  • Sunglasses: Choose a pair that matches his style and face shape.

For the DIY Warrior Dad

You know those dads who can fix anything? Think Julius from Everybody Hates Chris (please don’t laugh). They just love to fix things whether it be to save money or because they love being handy. Here are some things you can get them:

  • Multi-tool pack
  • Tool organizer
  • High-quality tape measure
  • Quality paint brushes and rollers
  • Gift card to a hardware/tools shop

For the Dad Who Loves to Cook

You know that dad who considers himself a Michelin 5-star chef but at home? There is also something for them. There are a couple of things you could get them:

  • High-quality chef’s knife
  • Instant Pot
  • Sous Vide Precision Cooker
  • Grill Tools Set
  • Spice Rack with Spices
  • Recipe Book

For the Well-Informed Dad

You know when we were young, and your parents would be sleeping, and you would change the channel from the news station, and then they would wake? Lmao, as an adult, I suspect you understand why they did that, right? Here are a couple of things you can get for fathers like that:

  • Digital Newspaper Subscription: Access to reputable publications like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Forbes, Financial Times, etc.
  • Bluetooth Headphones
  • Portable Power Bank
  • Kindle
  • Memory Foam Reading Pillow

For the Traveling Dad

We know some dads who are never in one place. You always have to confirm they are around even if you saw them yesterday. Today, they are in Nigeria, tomorrow, Accra or London. There are also practical things you can get for them. Some are:

  • Travel Pillow
  • Noise-Canceling Headphones
  • Compact Luggage Scale
  • Packing Cubes
  • E-Reader
  • Travel Journal
  • Lightweight Travel Jacket
  • Compact Camera

For the Food Lover Dad

Some people, like me, love food, and this just encompasses eating to get full. We love the whole experience food brings. Does your dad or a father figure friend love food? Here are some things you could get them:

  • Gourmet Food Basket: A curated selection of high-quality cheeses, meats, crackers, and snacks.
  • Cooking Class Experience: If he is up for it, enrol him in a cooking class to learn new techniques and recipes.
  • Food Subscription Box: Monthly deliveries of snacks, ingredients, or meal kits from services like UCook (South Africa), Eden Life (Lagos & Nairobi), or The Food Fairy (Kenya).

For the Health-Conscious Dad

Some dads are just super health-conscious. They are the ones who force you to go see the doctor at the slightest inconvenience. They always know their sugar level, their blood pressure, or blood work. You can go a bit further by buying them these:

  • Fitness Tracker: A device like a Fitbit, Oriamo watch, Garmin, or Apple Watch to monitor his daily activity, heart rate, sleep, and more.
  • Fitness Classes Membership: Access to local or virtual fitness classes, such as yoga, Pilates, or HIIT.
  • Home Gym Equipment: Items like resistance bands, dumbbells, or a kettlebell set for effective at-home workouts.
  • Yoga Mat and Accessories: A high-quality yoga mat, blocks, and straps for home workouts or classes.
  • Vitamins and Supplements
  • Sleep Aid Device: Products like white noise machines or smart sleep masks to improve sleep quality.

For the Wine Enthusiast Dad

My uncle loves to drink wine. He can sit you down and explain the history of a wine he drinks. Some of us have dads like that or father figures around us who just want to sip their wine. Here are some of the things you can get them:

  • High-Quality Corkscrew: A professional-grade corkscrew or wine opener, such as a sommelier’s favourite or an electric wine opener.
  • Decanter: A stylish wine decanter to aerate wine and enhance its flavours and aromas.
  • Personalized Wine Glasses: Custom-engraved wine glasses or high-quality crystal glasses designed to enhance the tasting experience.
  • Wine Tasting Journal: A beautifully bound journal for keeping notes on different wines, tasting experiences, and preferences.
  • Wine Travel Case: A durable case for safely transporting wine bottles when travelling.

For the Gadget-Techie Dad

I grew up around some dads who just loved to be informed about the latest gadgets. They always owned the latest phones, laptops, or fancy gadgets. You can gift them some of these:

  • Smart Home Devices: Gadgets like smart speakers (e.g., Amazon Echo or Google Home), smart plugs, smart thermostats, and smart light bulbs that can be controlled with voice commands or smartphone apps.
  • Bluetooth Tracker: A small tracking device like Tile or Chipolo that can be attached to keys, wallets, or other valuables to help him locate them using a smartphone app.
  • Smart Lock: A keyless smart lock for securing his home that can be controlled remotely via smartphone or voice commands.
  • Smart Doorbell: A video doorbell with features like motion detection, two-way audio, and smartphone alerts for monitoring visitors and deliveries.

For the Dad with a Sore Back

You know some of our dads exclaim when they sit down, after carrying the problem of the world. It’s understandable. Here are some gifts you can get them to ease their life:

  • Massage Chair Pad: A portable massage chair pad that he can use at home or in the office to soothe his muscles and relax.
  • Funny T-shirt or Mug: A humorous t-shirt or mug with a dad joke or witty slogan related to fatherhood or back health.
  • Yoga Ball Chair: A stability ball chair that promotes good posture and core strength while providing a fun and ergonomic seating option.
  • Back Support Pillow: A lumbar support pillow for his desk chair or car seat to help maintain good posture and prevent back pain.


Gifting can be fun when done with intentionality. Paying attention to what the recipient values and uses regularly is key. If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to ask—they’ll likely appreciate your effort to get them something they’ll truly enjoy. And if all else fails, sending money is always a practical option. In Africa, you can use Send App to ensure they receive the money in minutes.

Happy gifting!

Published by Chiedozie Ike

Senior Associate, Customer Lifecycle Management