About Trove Finance

From Accra to Kampala, Lagos to Nairobi, young Africans are exploring new, different, and flexible ways to work, earn money, and achieve financial independence.  Luckily, technological solutions are increasingly opening up more opportunities that guarantee work convenience and security for wealth creation. One of those solutions is Trove Finance! Trove Finance is a digital platform that allows Nigerians to become global investors by investing in American, Chinese, and Nigerian companies with just a few clicks. So whether you are into brand or product design, software development, digital sales, and marketing, or even becoming a full-time digital entrepreneur and earning in foreign or local currencies, Trove Finance offers you a flexible, simplified, and secure means of wealth creation and contribution to the national and global economy. 

The Challenge

As is typical of true innovation, Trove Finance’s goal to democratize investment for the average Nigerian through fractional investing comes with challenges. As a company targeting a young audience, Trove Finance needed a payment partner with a comprehensive offering that would improve their customers’ experience and meet their various payment preferences for collections and payouts. Such a payment partner must have the technological ability to process multiple currencies in multiple countries and support Trove Finance’s needs to reach more African markets beyond Nigeria. In addition, Trove Finance needed a payment partner that would provide the deepest level of customer knowledge and analytics to build better solutions to serve their customers better and guarantee the security of their funds and data. 

The Solution

  • Fintech as a Service (FaaS) 
  • Payouts & Collections via Cards, USSD, Bank Transfer, and multiple currencies.

After considering different options, Trove Finance opted for Flutterwave in 2019 as the payment partner of choice for comprehensive payment offerings, extensive infrastructure reach across Africa, as well as secure and seamless digital payments. The collaboration and payment integration with Flutterwave has enabled Trove Finance to simplify its customers’ deposits (collections) and withdrawals (payouts) without incurring high costs – Flutterwave charges 1.4% and 3.8% for local and international transactions in Nigeria*. From providing a seamless payment integration and onboarding experience to facilitating fast and successful everyday payment transactions, Flutterwave has been supporting Trove Finance’s mission to democratize investment for about 400,000 customers and help them achieve financial independence to thrive!

Promise Kept

As Flutterwave, we pride ourselves on our ability to support other partners like Trove Finance with a comprehensive payment offering and enable their fintech solution to get to market and reach more customers faster. As a growing company ourselves, we appreciate and understand every business wants to grow. For that to happen, a business must continue receiving and giving value. We were able to do that by providing Trove Finance, like every other enterprise business, with comprehensive payment solutions to grow. For over three years of integration with Flutterwave, Trove Finance recorded a 100% success rate for all its payment collections conducted via “Pay with Bank Transfer” in Nigeria. 

Beyond the Promise 

As a pan-African company, whenever Trove Finance decides to expand into more African markets and democratize access to global wealth creation opportunities for other young Africans outside Nigeria, they can easily leverage Flutterave’s infrastructure to reach across 30+ countries within the continent without hassle. 


At Trove Finance, our goal is to break down the investment barriers and give access to global investment opportunities to all young Africans across the continent, one country at a time. Individuals and businesses in Nigeria can become global investors, owning a piece of the world’s leading public companies across Nigeria, China, and the US without breaking the bank–thanks to our support for fractional shares. Flutterwave is one of the key partners that have contributed to our growth journey. Using their FaaS, we collect payment via different methods like Pay with Bank Transfer, process multi-currency transactions without hassle, and efficiently implement strategies to deliver value for our customers, ” Oluwatomi Solanke – CEO Trove Finance.

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*There is an opportunity for more customized pricing depending on payment volumes. 

Published by Wendy

Head, Branding and Storytelling