At Flutterwave, protecting the security of our customers’ information and funds stands as our foremost priority. As is common in the financial services industry, there will always be attempts by bad actors to compromise the security of systems set up to protect and monitor services.

What Happened?

In April, we detected unauthorized activities inconsistent with usual customer behavior on one of our platforms used by a small subset of our customer base. Swift action from our dedicated security team confirmed the integrity of our systems. We can assure our customers, members of the public and our stakeholders that no customer funds were lost or compromised, and the confidentiality of our customers’ data remains intact. 

What We have Done

Security presents a challenge that extends across the entire payment ecosystem. It presents an opportunity for ecosystem-wide collaboration. It is the collective duty of players in the ecosystem to safeguard businesses and customers. That’s why as leaders, we continue to invest heavily in our security infrastructure to ensure customers continue to remain safe as they transact using Flutterwave. As a proactive step to strengthen security, we are enhancing safety features on the affected platform and migrating some of our customers to another platform to ensure they can benefit from the security enhancements. We will continue our advocacy for ecosystem-led system initiatives that will help in  fighting security threats in the digital ecosystem across Africa. 

What Customers Should Do 

The security enhancements and migrations have begun. Some customers may receive requests to migrate their accounts from their current system. Kindly note that, if you haven’t received this request, it means you are not required to take any action. Customers also play a crucial role in ensuring the best personal security practices, particularly as malicious actors persist in attempting to breach security measures.

Security measures customers can take advantage of on Flutterwave for Business include; 

  • Two-factor  and Multifactor Authentication
  • IP whitelisting
  • 3D Secure

Security is of highest importance to us and we work everyday to earn your trust as you grow your business on Flutterwave. Find out more on how Flutterwave protects you here.


  1. Who are the affected customers 

We have systems that were built for specific business cases. One of those systems was impacted but we can assure you that none of those customers lost their funds. 

  1. Are SendApp customers affected? 

No, SendApp users were not affected. 

  1. Are Flutterwave for Business customers affected? 

No. Flutterwave for Business customers were not affected 

  1. How can we better ensure our own security? 

Find out more on how you can help Flutterwave protect you here.

  1. When will the platform migration request be sent out? 

Be on the lookout for the emails. However, only a small number of customers were affected and there’s a chance that an overwhelming majority of our customers will not receive this migration request. 

Published by Wendy

Head, Branding and Storytelling