We’re always finding ways to improve your experience with our solutions, from easily navigating the dashboard to seamlessly collecting payments with your preferred payment methods. 

So, say hello to our new and improved Payment Methods page on the Flutterwave Dashboard, we’ve given it a new look! We have redesigned the page to improve how the payment methods are displayed, making it easier for you to navigate and enable the payment methods available to you. 

What’s New?

  • Categorisation

We have grouped similar payment methods so it’s easier for you to locate and enable them. Some of the categories we have are Cards, Mobile Money, Bank Transfer, Wallets and more.  

  • Approval of Payment Methods

Some payment methods are subject to additional checks before they can be enabled for you. With this new design, we’ve simplified the process for requesting approval for the payment methods. Once you submit your request, our team will review it within 48 hours and an email will be sent to you regarding the approval status. Once it is approved, the payment method will be automatically enabled on your dashboard.

If you haven’t, we recommend you complete your sign-up process on the Flutterwave Dashboard and submit all required documents to enjoy full access to all our features.

  • Payment Methods Details

In this redesign, we have added important details about each payment method so you have a better understanding of how they function. The details include supported currencies, chargeback support, refund support, settlement cycle and more. To access these details, click “More info” for any of the payment methods, right from your dashboard. 

  • In-App Support 

We are always available to support you, so if you require any assistance or have any feedback about your experience with the redesigned page, you can use the 24/7 chatbot on the dashboard. 

How To Enable Payment Methods

To enable payment methods on your Flutterwave Dashboard, simply follow these steps:

  • Log in to your dashboard
  • Navigate to “Settings” on the features menu.
  • Click on “Business Preferences” and then “Payment Methods” to see all the available payment methods. 
  • Click on “Enable” for any payment method you want to enable. 
  • To disable a payment method, click “More info” for that method, then click “Disable”.

Our mission remains to simplify payments for endless possibilities, so we won’t stop innovating to ensure you and your customers have the best experience on Flutterwave. 

Published by Adeola Oderinde

Analyst, Product Marketing