Lagos and Nairobi, March 20th 2024: In celebration of Women’s History month, Flutterwave, a leading financial technology company, delivered STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) training and career talks to more than 400 women and girls across Nigeria and Kenya.  Flutterwave also celebrated women’s history month by training over 200 of their female  staff on important career skills for growth in the technology and fintech industry. 

As part of the organization’s commitment to championing women’s empowerment and fostering inclusion especially in the tech industry, Flutterwave, in delivering the mentorship sessions, acknowledged the significance of equipping young women with essential skills needed for a more digitized future. The primary goal of this initiative was to inspire and empower girls, encouraging them to pursue careers in STEM fields.

In Nigeria, Flutterwave in collaboration with  Stem Bridge, hosted girls from International School, University of Lagos and Kuramo College at its Ikoyi offices for a day of inspiration, mentorship, and exploration in the world of technology. In Kenya, Flutterwave collaborated with Kibera Girls School to conduct a career talk aimed at inspiring and motivating the girls towards their dream careers. These events provided a platform for Flutterwave staff to share experiences, discuss challenges, and inspire the girls to envision and pursue futures in their dream careers.  These mentorship sessions occurred across multiple locations in Nigeria and Kenya, reaching over 400 women and girls from diverse backgrounds. 

Flutterwave’s dedication to diversity and inclusion extends beyond the workplace, as demonstrated through this impactful initiative. The emphasis for the mentorship sessions was on creating future possibilities on whatever career paths the girls wanted to choose.  Aligning with Flutterwave’s community commitment, the initiative’s objective aimed at closing the gender gap in technology and empowering the next generation of female leaders. It also builds on other initiatives Flutterwave is undertaking to observe women’s history month such as hosting a product workshop this month themed “Thriving as a small business in a challenging economy”. The product workshop targeting women owned small businesses will teach skills on  finance management, marketing, branding, growth and collaborations, aimed at empowering women led businesses to scale. Register here.

“We believe in the power of diversity and inclusion, and although International Women’s Day and March being Women’s History Month provides us with a meaningful occasion to amplify our commitment to supporting women in technology, we believe this should not be a one-time occurrence, but a continuous commitment throughout the year. Through these outreach initiatives, we hope to inspire young girls to dream big, embrace challenges, and consider careers in STEM fields,” said Yewande Akomolafe-Kalu, AVP, Branding and Storytelling at Flutterwave. Flutterwave has also  partnered with  AltSchool Africa in the past to train an additional 200 young talents spread majorly across Kenya and Nigeria for one year

These initiatives align with Flutterwave’s broader mission to promote diversity and equality within the tech ecosystem. By investing in the education and empowerment of young women, Flutterwave seeks to contribute to a future where gender parity is a reality in the rapidly evolving world of technology.

Published by Wendy

Head, Branding and Storytelling