We understand that sending money is about more than just transactions. It is how you care for your family, celebrate milestones, and share big moments. We know expenses back home can sometimes be large – school fees, medical bills, home repairs, and you don’t want to make tiny transfers or split payments. That is why we have made it easy to raise your transfer limit. 

While limits help secure your account and your money, we understand they can be stressful when you need to send larger amounts. With our Account Limit feature, you can securely verify your identity and increase limits in real-time. So you can send the full amounts your loved ones need while keeping your account safe.

Verify Quickly, Watch Your Limit Grow

We know extra steps can be a nuisance, especially when you just want to send funds. 

For Send App users, all it takes are just these simple steps.

Step 1: Log into your Send App account and tap on the Account icon

Step 2: View “Account Limits” and select “Increase Limit”.

Step 3: Verify your information for a secure upgrade process.

Step 4: All Set! Enjoy the flexibility of your new higher transfer limits.

Stay Secure When Increasing Your Limit

While we make it easy to raise your transfer limit, it is important to also take steps to keep your account secure. Always use strong and unique passwords, enable two-factor authentication, monitor your activity frequently, and be wary of phishing attempts.

Stuck? Our Support Team Has You Covered

Our support team has all your details right at their fingertips, so you will never need to repeat yourself unnecessarily; simply reach out to us via send@flutterwavego.com or chat with us in-app.

Stay Connected No Matter What

At Send App, helping you support loved ones is our passion. With our easy upgrade process, you can send the amounts you need when you need to. Distance has nothing on you.

Make your Send App experience even better. Visit the iOS App Store or Google Play Store to download Send App and increase your limit with the Account Limit feature today. 

Published by Akinlade Kehinde Dolamu

Analyst, Product Marketing