Flutterwave’s mission is, and always has been, to simplify payments for endless possibilities. We want to help everyone – individuals and businesses create endless possibilities in all they do. This is why we continue to build solutions that not only empower you to create endless possibilities but also help you achieve your goals. 

What Does “Endless Possibilities” Mean To You?

Endless possibilities mean a lot of things to different people at different phases of their lives or businesses. But regardless of these individual differences, the core goal remains — freedom to achieve, without limitations.

Sending Love (and Money) Home:

For children living abroad, endless possibilities mean not just the capacity to send money home but also the assurance of doing it promptly and affordably. In this way, they’re able to sufficiently provide for their parents and other loved ones without worrying about delays or high transaction fees.

Championing Causes Close to the Heart:

For those involved in NGOs or advocacy, endless possibilities involve more than just championing a cause. It also means having the resources and platform to effectively raise funds for these causes, thereby positively impacting more lives without the hindrance of financial limitations.

Dreaming of Starting an Online Shop? Make it Real!:

For budding entrepreneurs, endless possibilities mean not only having an idea for an online shop but also the tools to make it a reality. They can sell their products, both digital and physical, to customers around the globe without having to grapple with platform limitations.

Paying tuition fees abroad and within Africa:

For students aspiring to study abroad, endless possibilities translate to simplified payment of tuition fees. Gone are the days of lengthy bank processes or unreliable middlemen. Now they can focus on the important part — learning.

Showcasing Creativity and Earning from It:

Endless possibilities for creatives go beyond just creating art and content. It also means having a platform to showcase their work and the chance to monetize it, all without technical or financial barriers.

Building and Banking, All in One:

Tech-savvy individuals and developers see endless possibilities as the freedom to build solutions while also easily integrating financial services. This integration removes the hassle of separate payment gateways, allowing them to focus on innovation and user experience.

In the end, the idea of endless possibilities is very personal and varies between people. Yet, the common thread for everyone is the reduction of barriers, making the previously unattainable now within reach.

#UseFlutterwave To Create Endless Possibilities For Yourself, Your Loved Ones, And Your Business

Flutterwave has built various innovative solutions to empower you to create endless possibilities for yourself, your loved ones, and your businesses. Our suite of products will solve what would have been problems for you. 

Send App by Flutterwave

For the child abroad who wants to send money to his/her parents at home, our Send App product was built just for purposes such as this. The speed, rate, transparency, reliability and convenience for the recipient creates endless possibilities for you. Use SendApp and learn more here.

Payment Links

For the NGO owner who’s passionate about impacting lives and wants to raise funds for different projects, our Payment Link allows you to collect donations easily and will ensure ease, speed, trust, and convenience for your donors, thereby creating endless possibilities for you. All you need to do is share the link for people to donate to. You need to sign up on Flutterwave here before creating your payment link

Watch this video for a quick tutorial on how to create and share a payment link.

Flutterwave Store

For our entrepreneurs, taking that business online just got easier with our Flutterwave Store. At no cost, you can create your online “shop”, upload your products with their variants and prices, and easily sell to people across the world. Additionally, with the introduction of the Flutterwave Market, you now have access and visibility to all the buyers who shop from other merchants via the Market. Take your business online today via the Flutterwave Store by creating one here. If this isn’t endless possibilities, honestly, I don’t know what is.

You can learn how to create and set up a Flutterwave Store here.

Tuition by Flutterwave

The hassles of paying for your tuition fees from Africa to schools abroad and within Africa is now eliminated. Tuition by Flutterwave is your solution to pay your international fees on time, safely and securely, without having to visit the bank, fill out extensive forms or worry about extra fees or transaction limits. Your school will receive the payment within 48 hours so you can get to learning without any delays!

Ready? Watch this video on how to pay your fees using Tuition and take that next step.


Creative geniuses aren’t left out. You can easily create and showcase your crafts, grow and get paid without writing a line of code. Yes, with a Disha page, you’re one step from endless possibilities. Sign up here to explore your options.

Flutterwave Invoice

To increase the professionalism and authenticity of your business, you can create invoices for your customers in any currency, directly from your dashboard. You can also set reminders for your customers to pay, and easily keep track of payments. This video explains how to create and share a Flutterwave invoice from your dashboard.

Flutterwave APIs

Finally, our developer friends are not left out; we have a product that creates endless possibilities for you. Now, you can build your software, integrate Flutterwave APIs and in minutes begin to collect payments from users. To use the APIs, you need to create a Flutterwave account here

We hope these examples and scenarios have shown how you can #UseFlutterwave to create endless possibilities for yourself. Stay tuned as we bring you more valuable solutions for you and your business that will show you exactly what using Flutterwave can offer you. If you have any questions or feedback, reach out to us here

Published by Segilola Kola-Daisi

Product Marketer