When we began building a remittance app tailored for you, we wanted to create something that wasn’t just easy to use but an app that spoke your language. That’s what we did with $end. But we knew something was missing. 

Movement is what $end is about. Moving your money from place to place. Now, we’re moving towards change. $end is now Send App by Flutterwave. This little tweak comes with big improvements, from how it looks to its entire experience. It’s faster and looks better; it’s Send App. 

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Send App, your Story 

The name isn’t new. Most people who use $end already call it, Send App. You probably have, too, once or twice or more, who knows? We knew that whatever changes we were making needed to be authentically you, down to how you talk or even refer to us. 

Home, brought closer

The new look draws from your vibrancy and the dynamism of the place you call home.  It’s homage to who you are at the very core: why you strive, why you dream, and the people you do it for. 

We know sending money home is deeply personal, so we wanted to reflect what those moments truly mean for you from the enduring connection you feel to the fulfillment it brings. 

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Beauty and pace. What a mix!  

Send App is packed with a whole new experience. It’s faster than ever, letting you send money and receive across +35 countries with multiple currencies in a heartbeat. With more widely accepted payment options and partners, there’s no limit to how you send and receive money, globally. With improved functionalities, every action you take on Send App is smoother, more valuable, and enjoyable. 

More Everything, More Support 

Everything is simpler on Send App, even reaching us. Because we know with money, whether you are sending or receiving, you want it to arrive on time and any hiccup needs to be addressed ASAP. So you can now reach us whenever you want without leaving the app, and we’ll get back to you with incredible speed. Swifter resolutions, and help at your convenience – that’s what Send App is all about. 

Some things never change 

Moving money

from heart to heart

from wallet to wallet

from soul to soul

from hand to hand

For us, this rebranding means building on our promise to enable Africans move money from anywhere they are, faster, easier and cheaper. We want to make the world one small place by making money truly borderless, and that will never change. When we started in 2021, our message to you was Just Send, today our message is Send in a Heartbeat. It’s the same mission and different description that captures the language your heart speaks. 

Take Send App for a Spin

You are always going at it. Chasing a new dream in a country far away; reaching for adventure in your dream destination, funding a goal back home and making the people you love happy. Whatever your next move is, just use Send App.

Have more questions? 

What else is changing? 

  • Everything else remains the same, but if anything changes we’ll let you know before anyone else. 

Will the changes mean an increase in charges?

  • We believe sending money home shouldn’t be expensive. Ever. So your charges will always be fair and transparent with Send App. 

Why did you change the name from Send to Send App? 

  • It might look like a little tweak, but it’s a big deal. We wanted to celebrate what sending money home truly means to you, from the sense of fulfilment you get to the connections you preserve. It also helps that the name showcases your constant movement. 

Is the new Send App better? 

Sure. Beyond the name, the face, and pace, Send App takes reliability to another level. It’s also built to accommodate double the improvements, double fixes, and updates. So Send App keeps getting better and better.

Are there any new countries I can send money from?

  • Yes, you can now send money from Canada, Egypt & Sénégal with the new Send App.

What’s one exciting update we should look out for?

  • The in-app customer support! An improved way of getting your questions answered in-app.

Are there changes to my profile? 

  • No, your profile won’t be affected by this change, and your personal account details are still valid. Send App is just more colourful and fun. See for yourself when you launch your profile! 

Is my money safe? 

  • Absolutely, your money is safe. Send App, powered by Flutterwave, boasts PCI-DSS Level 1 Certification—the highest global standard for cardholder data security. Rest assured, we uphold the utmost levels of safety while processing your transactions.

How many countries does Send App work in?

  • Today, you can send and receive money from 35+ countries. But we’re working on that number to increase 

Published by Chinaemerem Iroegbu

Product Marketing Strategist