As the number of international students from Africa spikes, they face the daunting age-long task of paying their school fees – from dealing with foreign currencies and exchange rates to navigating unfamiliar payment systems that are expensive, inaccessible, and sometimes unsafe. 

As a company that finds fulfilment in innovating around payment, we saw this gap as an opportunity. That’s why we created Tuition, a cross-border payment platform that allows students or their guardians to pay their school fees directly to their university’s account within 48hrs, using their local currency or any currency they choose. Tuition is bridging the gap between a student’s dreams and their ambition. 

Meet Tuition 

With Tuition, International students can now pay their school fees within 48 hrs using their local currencies, eliminating the time spent and anxiety associated with not meeting the tuition payment deadlines – thereby freeing up time to focus on their academics. Tuition simplifies payments for African students studying anywhere, whether within the continent or abroad.

Institutions around the world can onboard on Tuition to enhance the overall experience of school fees payment for their students. Once the institution is successfully onboarded, students will be able to pay their fees directly into the school’s account using the platform.

Tuition is all about transparency, which means that the equivalent of the school fees in your local currency will be broken down with zero hidden fees. There are also no amount limitations on Tuition, and with major payment providers integrated into Tuition, students can pay their fees without worrying about compatibility issues with their cards.

So how does Tuition work for Students?

Easy! Sign up with your email, google, or Apple login and complete the onboarding process in minutes. 

  • Select the list of universities from the drop-down list.
  • Input payment information which includes originating country, and amount, and you upload your school fees invoice
  • Input student information which includes name, email, student ID, Date of Birth
  • Review the transfer details before completing the transaction
  • Select your preferred payment method to pay for the transaction
  • The funds will be available in the school account in 48hrs, and you can download the receipt and send it to your school

For Institutions

Simply select Enroll your Intuition on the home page here, fill in your details, and someone from our team will be in touch shortly. 

Questions you might have: 

  1. What is Tuition?

Tuition is a payment platform that helps African students studying overseas to pay their school fees seamlessly and on time. 

  1. Which country can I pay from?

We currently support payments from Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, and Cameroon. When we add more countries, you’ll be the first to know. 

  1. Which institution can I pay to?

We currently support payment in the United Kingdom, with the goal to expand across the globe. If you cannot find your institution, please click on “This institution is not on our list” and fill out the displayed form. 

  1. What payment methods are available?

You can pay using your debit card, credit card,  Google Pay, or by bank transfer (Nigeria only).

  1. What rate is used for my payment?

We use the current market rates to determine the exchange rate. You can check the daily rates whenever you attempt to make a payment, so you always know how much your institution will receive.

  1. How does Tutiton charge per Transaction?

We charge a flat fee of 20 GBP for every payment made through Tuition.

  1. How can I confirm that my school has received the payment?

If the transfer status is “Successful”, the payment has been delivered to your institution. You can click on the “Download receipt” button to download your payment receipt and share it with your institution for confirmation.

Get started today

To start paying your school fees via Tuition, visit and signup up with your email, Google, or Apple login.

Published by Chinaemerem Iroegbu

Video Content Producer