At Flutterwave, we continuously strive to improve the security and user experience for our valued merchants. With that goal in mind, we are excited to announce the introduction of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Dashboard Transfers—a feature designed to further safeguard your account and ensure secure transactions.

The Power of Two-Factor Authentication

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, safeguarding your online accounts is more important than ever. Two-Factor Authentication offers an extra layer of protection by requiring an additional One-Time Password (OTP) alongside your regular login credentials. With 2FA in place, even if someone manages to obtain your password, they won’t be able to initiate transfers without the OTP.

How to Get Started with 2FA for Dashboard Transfers

Activating 2FA for Dashboard Transfers is a breeze. Just follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Log in to your Flutterwave dashboard and head to the Transfer module page (click on Payments > Transfers).
  2. If you haven’t enabled 2FA on your account yet, you’ll be presented with the option to either sign an indemnity clause or enable 2FA.
  3. To enable 2FA for transfers, follow the on-screen instructions and complete the setup process.
  4. Once enabled, you’ll need to enter an OTP for each transfer initiated via the dashboard.
  5. Choosing the Indemnity Clause Option

If you’d rather not enable 2FA, you can opt to sign an indemnity clause instead. By signing this clause, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the agreement between you and Flutterwave. Once you’ve accepted the indemnity clause, you can carry on with transfers without being prompted for an OTP.

However, we strongly encourage enabling 2FA on your account for optimal security and peace of mind.

Elevating Your Flutterwave Experience

We’re confident that this new feature will not only enhance your account’s security but also contribute to a positive and user-friendly experience on our platform. At Flutterwave, we remain dedicated to continuously improving our services to cater to your needs and exceed your expectations.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the new 2FA feature, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly support team by sending an email to

Here’s to safer and happier transactions! 🥂

Published by Owuraku Ohene Ampadu-Kissi

Product marketer