At Flutterwave, we are on a mission to simplify payments for endless possibilities. We are bringing that energy and drive back into Rwanda with two additional payment licenses Electronic Money Issuer and Remittance Licenses. 

The new licenses allow us to offer money deposit and withdrawal, electronic funds transfer, and inbound and outbound remittance services to Rwandans at home and abroad. 

Flutterwave’s new Electronic Money Issuer license allows the company to acquire all types of payment instruments in Rwanda. With these new capabilities, Flutterwave can better support Rwanda’s fast-growing digital economy. 

What does this mean for existing customers? 

Now that we are back, we will make sure:

  • Doing and expanding your business is more convenient. This is needed for your business to embrace new frontiers.
  • Collecting payments via multiple channels and currencies from across the world is easier. This is important for attracting customers worldwide and reaping the benefits of the ever-growing Rwanda eCommerce. 
  • Withdrawing into your bank accounts or Mobile Money is faster. This will ensure you remain limitless and have enough capital to serve your customers. 
  • Acquiring and issuing all types of payments are easy, fast, and secure via Flutterwave. 

Endless Possibilities for Individuals, SMEs, and Large Enterprises in Rwanda.

Here are some of the services you can enjoy only on Flutterwave: 

  • Acquiring and Issuing: this enables you to clear and settle transactions between banks in Rwanda via Flutterwave. 
  • Flutterwave Payouts: Pay your vendors and employees in and out of Rwanda with our Payouts feature. Large businesses operating in Rwanda can leverage this to bulk-pay their vendors or staff. This saves time and cost as this product automates a large number of activities for businesses. Get started here. 
  • Flutterwave Checkout: SMEs with their own website can integrate Flutterwave for Business with their existing website or preferred eCommerce stores and quickly update their KYC with our seamless onboarding process and enjoy; collection and payouts in multiple currencies like RWF, USD, ZAR, and EUR, access to multiple payment methods like Momo, cards, Apple Pay and Paypal. Other benefits include 24/7 Customer support to assist you anytime you need help and access to a large global market through Flutterwave’s global reach. 
  • Flutterwave Store: Start selling your products online now from anywhere without building a website. Flutterwave Store currently has thousands of users starting up their entrepreneurial journey, learning, and growing. You, too, can become one of them. Start local, go global on Flutterwave Store today. 
  • Flutterwave Payment Links: Send this to your customers and have them pay you for whatever services you’ve provided! This is also suitable for freelancers working in Rwanda who would love to collect payments within the country and from clients outside of Rwanda or even Africa. Get started here.
  • Send by Flutterwave: As an individual or business in Rwanda, our new licenses allow you to send and receive US Dollars, Pounds, Euros, etc., in Rwanda. Send by Flutterwave brings you simpler, faster, easier, safer, and more transparent inbound and outbound cross-border transactions. The exchange rate on Send is clearly displayed, and no matter how much you send, you will be charged a flat fee. For your convenience, Send is available on different platforms. You can download and install it on your Android or Apple devices. If you prefer the web version, visit to start sending and receiving money globally. 

We are excited to continue enabling growth for businesses in the thriving SME community in Rwanda and supporting multinationals in expanding into the country. With our existing suite of products, we are well-positioned to support businesses across different sectors like hospitality, transport, Payment Service Providers, events management, eCommerce, and more. 

Published by Opeyemi Ekundayo

Associate—Storytelling and Branding