Have you ever had the feeling that the world is moving too fast? Thanks to our phones, laptops, smartwatches, and technology, we can keep up. We always thought Sending money shouldn’t be any different, and that’s why we’re announcing $end mobile available on IOS and Android, to support the existing $end web app. On December 15th 2021, we launched Send with the dream of making Africans more connected globally. With thousands of users in less than a year, we proudly say we are on course. And there’s more. 

Since we witnessed Tobi Amusan breaking the world record and winning gold in 100m hurdles, the $end team’s mantra has been “Sprint like Tobi, Speed like $end”. We’re thrilled that she’s agreed to become $end’s ambassador. 

What is $end?

Send is the freedom to send money whenever and wherever you want. Send allows you to easily send money to those that matter in a way that’s convenient to them, regardless of your location.

Today, we are taking convenience to the next level! Now, using the $end URL to send money to your loved ones is optional; we are happy to announce that the Send mobile App is Live! You can now access the $end Mobile App on the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Why Tobi?

Tobi Amusan recently became a household name and an inspiration to African athletes after winning the gold medal in the 100m hurdles at the 2022 World Athletics Championships. Tobi is the current African, commonwealth, and world champion in the 100m hurdles. 

$end and Tobi share a number of similarities; speed, power, endurance, flexibility, and adaptability. While speed is undeniably the most important factor, both $end and Tobi must be able to jump over obstacles with minimum disruption to motion. 

This is why we’re so excited to be working alongside Tobi Amusan, who shares our views and perspectives on what is required to achieve success. This makes it all more thrilling for $end to join forces with one of the most resilient athletes of all time.

What’s new?

So we have a brand new, exciting app for Send by Flutterwave, but we didn’t stop there; we also introduced some new features:

1. Introducing Apple Pay

We’ve introduced Apple Pay, a mobile payment service by Apple Inc. in the US and Europe, as a payment method for all users. If you own an Apple Pay wallet, you can pay for your transfer on Send using the cards available on your wallet. 

2. App Notifications

No more manually checking for updates. You will now receive app notifications for your verification status, transfer completions, detecting a new login and other valuable information you may need for your Send account.

3. Improved Activity Section

Finding past transactions, references and information on your transfers just got simpler! You can now access additional filters, such as date range, transfer status, transfer reference or the recipient’s name, to search and identify transactions.

4. Enhanced Profile Section

Users can now change their profile information, manage limits, and change their PIN with easy navigation within the Profile section. Also, you can save cards to your profile, reducing the number of steps and time taken to complete a remittance.

5. Enjoy Voucher Codes

You deserve discounts too! Now, you can enjoy discounts on your transfers using voucher codes from promotions and your favourite influencers.  

Here’s how you can start sending money to those that matter:

  1. Sign up with Send (Android or iOS) (Add email address/ phone number and create a password). If you already have the Send Mobile App installed on your phone, then
  2. Log into your Send Mobile App
  3. Click the “Send Now” button
  4. Enter your money transfer details, i.e. amount, sending currency/country, and receiving currency/country.
  5. Review the transaction 
  6. Click Send Money, and Voila! 

Money is delivered in minutes.

Unforeseen life events are bound to happen, and when they do, you may need to send money fast to resolve issues or cater for the expenses. Always remember to sprint like Tobi and speed like $end. Do it Now!

You can check out some frequently asked questions about Send here or email us if you have any questions or concerns.

Published by Owuraku Ohene Ampadu-Kissi

Product marketer