Don’t miss a beat this December.

November 10, 2022 Music fans and experience lovers across Nigeria and the world are in for a sensational experience this December. The Flytime Group is proud to be hosting this year’s edition of FLYTIME FEST 2022 with Flutterwave, Africa’s leading payments technology company. 

FLUTTERWAVE FLYTIME FEST 2022 will take place at – The Eko Convention Centre in Lagos December 21 | 22 | 24, 2022. Year after year, FLYTIME stages have delivered a line-up of dynamic entertainment – honouring the abundant tapestry of Nigerian popular culture, past and present. 

Flutterwave, a global company with strong Nigerian roots will be powering all payments as part of the collaboration with FLYTIME FEST

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“December in Nigeria is filled with love, joy and laughter. It’s a time we get to celebrate the year with those that matter. It’s also a time we get to celebrate and support the amplification of Nigerian culture through entertainment, the arts and other initiatives. We’re excited to be working with Flytime to create this awesome experience in celebration of our roots and heritage.” – Ifeoluwa Orioke, Chief Commercial Officer Flutterwave. 

Each of the Multi-festival days are filled with precisely curated line-ups for contemporary entertainment experience lovers. FLUTTERWAVE FLYTIME FEST 2022 will have retail, hospitality, and social experiences that are a part of the rich tapestry of the social and exciting December period in Nigeria. Seasoned patrons and new audiences can collectively celebrate the festive season with an unmatched experience of culture and enjoyment. 

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Published by Wendy

Head, Branding and Storytelling