There is a new Flutterwave in town! 🦋

At our flagship event recently, we unveiled Flutterwave 3.0 and some innovative solutions we’ve been working on to serve and create endless possibilities for you. 

If you missed it, you can catch the live stream below. 

Watch the full video of Flutterwave 3.0 launch

Our New Identity 🦋

We’ve always been driven by the desire to solve problems for businesses and individuals. This passion led us to build the payments infrastructure that connects African businesses to the global economy. We’ve grown and our mission has gotten bigger, we want to simplify payments for endless possibilities. Creating a world of endless possibilities requires a different mindset, approach and thinking. This is why we are excited to announce the new Flutterwave Identity

New Products, Endless Possibilities 🚀

One of our core values as a company is “we create and innovate” and at 3.0, we showed just that as we unveiled a host of products and features that we believe will create endless possibilities for you. Some of these products will be available in the course of the year. These are the products & features we announced:

1. Flutterwave Dashboard

We are always thinking of ways to make life easy for business owners and this is why we completely rebuilt our Dashboard to make it easier for you to manage and grow your business. We understand the importance of data and records for businesses, especially to get a sense of direction. The dashboard will provide you with all the information you need to successfully manage your business. The dashboard will be available for all Flutterwave Businesses soon.

2. Checkout 

If we truly care about your business, we also have to care about your customers. So we rebuilt our Checkout to make the experience better for them. In this rebuild, we focused on speed, simplicity and intelligence. It’s 5X faster and reduces the possibility of a dropoff by 60% based on our tests. It also makes it easier for your customers to find their preferred payment method. The new Checkout will be available to all your customers soon. 

3. New Payment Methods

We also announced the inclusion of two new payment methods. Apple Pay & Google Pay are coming to Flutterwave Checkout soon. They will make it easy for your customers to pay with 2 methods native to their mobile phones.

4. Flutterwave Capital

We also announced Flutterwave Capital, a business lending service in partnership with our lending partners. This makes it easy for Flutterwave businesses to access loans without collateral, cumbersome documentation and stringent terms. You can learn more about how Flutterwave Capital can give your business that extra boost in this article. Flutterwave Capital will be available to businesses in Nigeria soon and later to other markets.

5. Flutterwave Card Issuing

To further support your business, we also announced Flutterwave Card Issuing. This makes it easy for you to issue both virtual & physical cards. Our virtual cards are available globally while our physical cards will be available only in Nigeria for now. 

6. Fintech As A Service (FaaS)

We want to help you get your Fintech to the market faster by leveraging our Fintech As A Service product. FaaS allows you to embed financial services into your product in minutes. Whether you’re a fintech or a business that needs to embed fintech services in your app in minutes. Your app is easily able to allow your customers to hold funds in their wallets, pay bills, create virtual cards, and do so much more. All without building out infrastructure that’s been built already or acquiring licenses because Flutterwave has done it so you don’t have to. Learn more about FaaS here

7. Flutterwave Mobile, Grow, Market & Disha

During the event, we explained the prominent role our mission plays in how we build products for you. This is obvious in all the solutions we’ve created for you in the past like Flutterwave Mobile which makes it easy for you to manage your business on the go. It also shows in Flutterwave Grow, a product simplifying the process of registering & incorporating your business. Within 24 hours of announcing Grow, we had 1000+ applicants trying to register a business. Grow will be available soon, you can only join the waitlist now. Even our acquisitions also align with our mission, with Disha, creatives can now serve their audience and also get paid. 

We wanted to help small businesses survive the pandemic, so we built the Flutterwave Store. Now, we’re helping them thrive with Flutterwave Market where store owners can be found by anyone. Go to the Market – 

8. Send By Flutterwave

It is impossible that our fastest growing product, $end won’t feature in the event. Send by Flutterwave is the easiest and fastest way to send money across borders. Learn more about how $end will solve your money transfer problems in this article.

9. Barter By Flutterwave

For all our 1M+ Barter users, we also shared some exciting news! You can now

For all our 1M+ Barter users, we also shared some exciting news! Multicurrency balances in USD, Pounds & Euros with virtual account numbers tied to them, are coming to Barter.  

2 Factor Authentication (2FA) is coming to Barter because people don’t just want a better way to make payments, they want a secure way to make payments with the assurance that their funds are safe. 

Barter users can now request physical cards alongside their virtual cards that can be used for both, offline shopping and online transactions.

On Impact

We also spoke about the impact we’re making in our communities like partnering with Afrosports TV to ensure millions of Africans could enjoy the just concluded AFCON 2021 in their homes, at no extra cost. We also organised physical trade fairs, creating an avenue for small businesses to interact with their customers. We also partnered with Joshua Cheptegei to build a training centre for East African athletes in Uganda. 

Speaking of more impact, we kept the lights on for 35,000+ businesses since the pandemic hit through our Flutterwave Store. We supported 7 women-led businesses across 7 countries with business grants during International Women’s Day 2021. To crown it up, we kicked off the 3.0 era with our second Job Fair which happened on Saturday, 19th February 2022. This gave job seekers an opportunity to meet prospective employers, we can’t wait to let you know how many people got jobs through the fair.

On Expansion & Partnerships

As we grow, we’ll keep expanding both geographically and in enabling existing payment types in new frontiers in Africa and the rest of the world. We want more people across the world to use our products and one thing that’s very important for product penetration is localization. Ensuring that the features we build are well suited for the market we intend to launch. We also can’t wait to expand into more North African countries and offer our payment solutions like we already do in Egypt and Morocco. 

In the words of our CEO, we’re encouraged to forge ahead because of your support and the opportunity to build for you. We’re excited by the endless possibilities that these new products will create for you. We’re fueled by the spirit and energy of our collective desire to create a future that works for us all because we know that we’re not geographically confined, we’re not limited to a specific space or restricted in our ability or vision of our future.”

This is 3.0. This is Flutterwave. 🦋

Published by Rotimi Okungbaye

Product marketer