Flutterwave Capital is making it easier for business owners to access the funds they require to grow their businesses seamlessly. Flutterwave businesses can easily access loans from our lending partners without collateral, cumbersome documentation and other stringent terms & conditions. Getting loans from Flutterwave Capital is fast; eligible applicants can access the funds they need in less than 24 hours. With these funds, business owners can expand, increase inventory, hire more employees, pay bills, run marketing campaigns, and ultimately grow revenue. 

To help you understand how we decide which businesses are eligible for loans from Flutterwave Capital, we’ll be explaining the Flutterwave Capital eligibility criteria in this article. 

Flutterwave determines your eligibility for a loan offer based on different factors related to your Flutterwave for business account, including your transaction volume.

Your eligibility for a loan is automatically reviewed every thirty days to see if you meet the criteria. Once you are eligible, you’ll get an email from us and you can view your offer on your Flutterwave Dashboard.

Some Factors We Consider:

To qualify for a loan from Flutterwave Capital, your business must:

  • Be based in Nigeria
    For now, Flutterwave Capital only supports businesses located or incorporated in Nigeria.
  • Be processing payments via Flutterwave
    You must have received payments using Flutterwave for six (6) months or more.
  • Be in good standing with Flutterwave Capital
    If your business previously applied for a loan from Flutterwave Capital and got rejected, you won’t be eligible to receive a new loan offer for the subsequent 30 days.
  • Be a growing business
    The size of your loan offer is determined by how many transactions we process for you. Businesses that collect high volumes of payments through Flutterwave are more likely to be eligible for an offer.
  • Have a consistent processing record
    A consistent and reliable processing record with little periods of low or no volume indicates a stable business which increases the possibility of getting a loan offer from Flutterwave Capital. 
  • Have a low dispute rate
    Businesses with low rates of unresolved chargebacks are more likely to qualify for funding.

What Else Can I Do To Qualify For A Loan

The more information we have about the health of your business, the better we can evaluate your eligibility for a loan from Flutterwave Capital.

  • Process More Volume Through Flutterwave
    The underwriting model of our lending partners is based on the payment volume that you process on Flutterwave. Moving transaction volume from other payment channels to Flutterwave increases your overall Flutterwave processing volume and ultimately improves your likelihood of receiving a loan offer.

We hope this article clarifies how we determine who’s eligible for a loan from Flutterwave Capital. If you have any questions, please send us an email or reach out to us on social media

Published by Rotimi Okungbaye

Manager, Product Marketing