Creativity is at the forefront now. More emphasis is on jobs that are more “creative” as people, especially Millennials and Gen Zs are no longer boxing themselves into all the traditional jobs and 9-5’s. Freelancing is also really popular; a situation in which a person is self-employed and takes on jobs with various companies as they come along. Again, which Millennial or Gen Z doesn’t love that?

There are lots of things to do to boost your creativity and your work as a creator. In this blog, we will highlight five tips that you absolutely need.

Understand Your Industry and Target Audience

This would be the first step to making sure that you are producing the right content in the first place. Knowing your industry and target audience will give you a better understanding of what content to put out that will best capture their attention. There is no point and very little reward in putting out content that your audience will not be interested in. Also, taking note of what your competitors are doing and making sure your work stands out from the crowd is a great advantage.

Network As Much As Possible

Aside from career development and professional success, networking introduces you to fresh perspectives that you may not have thought about before, which is always useful when you are a creator. You meet so many people along that way and have conversations that broaden your horizon. Your audience will appreciate the new ideas.

Social media and networking platforms are also very useful for building your network, and as these are where a lot of your content will be posted, it is important that you are utilising them to their maximum potential. Think of sites such as Twitter, Disha and Instagram.

Get a Disha Page

The juiciest tip! We have tagged Disha as “the home of creators” and there is a reason why. Disha is a platform by creators, for creators, particularly African, that has everything you need to showcase your work and talents, grow and get paid directly! It allows you to get paid internationally, in multiple currencies. It is easy, quick and very convenient.

No matter what type of content you create, there is something for you on Disha. You can add links to all your social media pages and websites, carousels highlighting your favourite work, profile analytics, insights, and much more. This makes it the ultimate creator platform; it has everything in one place.

Practice Everyday To Build Momentum

One of the best ways to ensure you are putting out the best content as a creator is simply by practising and staying consistent. If you are a writer, write at least 500 words every day – it can be about anything and doesn’t have to be perfect, but just write. If you make videos, make sure you are constantly learning about and playing around with features on your camera/phone that will improve your videos. The industry or type of content you create isn’t the focus at this point, practice is necessary regardless.

Be Authentic

Last but not least, be authentic. People can usually see through a creator that is simply following trends and trying to take the fast route to the top, versus one that is growing organically and working on something they genuinely care about and enjoy. Building your following and audience will not happen overnight, but chances are, if you are authentic, whichever following you gather is more likely to stick around in the long run.

To improve your creator experience, get started by signing up for a Disha page here!

Published by Segilola Kola-Daisi

Product Marketer