The most anticipated massive sale weekend is finally here again! Everyone looks forward to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and you don’t want to be the only store that is not participating in this opportunity to cash out big. Whether you sell clothes, accessories, food and drinks, gadgets, or anything else, there is definitely a way for you to participate.

Black Friday gives you the opportunity to make up sales you hadn’t been able to all year, put specific items up at big discounts, reach a wider audience or simply just sell more because you are in a giving mood. Even better, with Flutterwave Store, this is easier. To get started, you can easily set up a Store here, upload your products, set prices and start selling.

This comes alongside our new product called Flutterwave Market. Perfect timing, right?

Flutterwave Market is a collection of all Flutterwave Stores in one place, where you can quickly and easily sift through your favourite businesses and find what you are looking for. It gives online merchants a wider reach of new customers and markets, and encourages customers to keep coming back since they can easily find all their favourite stores. You need it in your arsenal.

Here are 5 ways that you can make the most of Black Friday weekend and cash out.

Free delivery

Free delivery is always a good idea. You know how shoppers are excited to buy a bunch of things, and then they get to checkout and the delivery fee puts them off? Sometimes, it can be the whole reason why a sale is completed or not. So, offering free delivery, even if just for a short period of time, is a great incentive for your customers to shop as much as they’d like.

Bundle deals

If you have certain products that your customers usually buy together or around the same time, then it’d be good to consider offering bundle deals. In such cases, the products can be bought as a package and at a discounted price than if they were bought individually. This also is an added incentive for shoppers to buy more.

Good old discounts

As always, there’s just good old reliable discounts on all products. The amount that is discounted on each product can vary by your discretion, but having all products on offer gives the shoppers more variety. These will all be displayed on the Flutterwave Market page.

Unveil a new product

If you have a new product or a product that you have recently revamped, then Black Friday weekend will be a great opportunity to launch this. You can start off unveiling it at a discounted price, which will increase the buzz around it, especially given that it is a new product. Subsequently, even when it is back to its original price, your customers would have already built a familiarity with it.

Join the Flutterwave Black Friday Campaign

Last but not least, you can join our Black Friday weekend campaign! For this special, we have set a 20% minimum discount amount, to make it more appealing and worthwhile for your customers as well as your store. However, there will be no maximum amount. After you have created your Store here, click on this link to find out how to add discounts and our special discount code ‘FLWBLACKFRIDAY’ to your products; they will then be added to the Market page.

That’s it! You’re all set. Happy shopping to you and your customers! May the shopping force be with you.

Published by Segilola Kola-Daisi

Product Marketer