Millions of Africans living abroad have friends and family back home in Nigeria. One need most Africans living and working overseas have in common is the need for a convenient means of sending money back home to support their family. Today, there may be relatively many options to do that through some apps and platforms. However, some of these family members and friends might not be privileged to have DOM accounts or access these apps. Additionally, due to the changes in regulations by CBN regarding remittances into Nigeria, people abroad still find it difficult to send money into Nigeria, especially at short notice.

One of the most convenient way to send money to the people you care about from overseas to Nigeria with Barter is through cash pick up. Barter enables users to send money to loved ones back home through the USD cash pick up option. A cash pick up allows money to be picked up instantly from several pick-up locations across Nigeria at lower charges. 

The exciting part about sending dollars to friends and family in Nigeria is; the recipients will be paid N5 for every $1 received as remittance inflow. This is in relation to “The Naira 4 Dollar Scheme” — an incentive for senders and recipients of international money transfers introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

How does Barter work?

Barter is a web and mobile app that lets you send and receive money from abroad instantly and safely at the cheapest rates. It is straightforward to use and works like a digital wallet.

Creating an account on Barter is simple. Simply Sign up for free on our website or via the Barter app. You can also learn how to send money from overseas to Africa by clicking here.

FAQs For Barter USD Cash Pick-Up

We’ve answered a few questions you might have about USD cash pick-up:

What is the USD Cash Pick up option on Barter?

The USD Cash Pick-up option is a delivery method that allows recipients to physically collect cash from a convenient pick-up location nationwide. Please note that cash can only be collected in USD in line with CBN directives.

How do I initiate a USD Cash Pick up transaction to Nigeria?

Please follow these steps to initiate a USD Cash Pick-Up Transfer to Nigeria.

  1. Launch your Barter App
  2. Click Send Money
  3. Click Send Money Abroad
  4. Input Amount
  5. Select USD Cash Pick-up option
  6. Input Beneficiary details (Recipient’s name, Recipient’s Residential Address, Phone number, and Email Address) 
  7. Select Pick Up location of your choice (UBA/Zenith Bank)
  8. Review transaction summary to ensure the details are correct.
  9. Input your Transaction Pin to complete the transaction.

Note: The transaction will be available for pick-up within minutes. Please ensure all information filled in is accurate and the recipient’s name matches the name on a valid means of ID. This is very important to ensure smooth pick-up by the recipient.

How will my recipient know the funds are available for pick up? 

Once the cash is available for pick-up, we will notify the sender and the recipient via Email & SMS, including directions to the nearest pick-up location. Please ensure the email address and phone number provided during the transaction is accurate.

What information is required before I can send money via the USD cash pick up option?

  • Recipient Name: Please provide the recipient’s full legal name and ensure it matches the recipient’s valid means of Identification.
  • Recipient residential address
  • Phone number
  • Email Address
  • Purpose of Transfer (narration)

What information is required before the recipient can collect a cash pick up transfer?

The recipient will be required to provide the following information at the pick-up location once pick up notification is received:
– Sender’s name
– Reference number

– Valid means of ID [this could be either International Passport (Nigerian/Foreign), Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC), Bank Verification Number (BVN), Driver’s License & National Identity Management Commission card (NIMC)]

– Relationship with Sender

– Purpose of Transfer (narration)

Does the recipient need to create an account on Barter to receive the cash?

No, the recipient does not need to have a Barter/Bank account to access or collect cash.

What is the maximum amount that can be sent/received via USD Cash Pick-Up?

You can send a maximum of USD 10,000 per transfer in a day. However, please note that transfers above USD 2,000 would require extra verification in line with global laws to improve transaction safety which would solely be at the discretion of our bank partners. This means that collection time may vary, based on the transaction amount. 

What’s the transfer charge?

You will be charged $3 for every transfer.

When will the funds sent be ready for pick up?

The funds will be available for pick-up within minutes of when the transaction is completed.

Why is my transfer rounded to the nearest USD?

Due to recent updates by the Central Bank of Nigeria, recipients can only collect funds in USD. This means funds sent will be rounded down to the nearest dollar. We recommend that you always send an actual amount and notify your recipient of this to avoid misunderstanding at the pick-up location. 

For example, $200.30 will be rounded to $200.

How do I deal with an erroneous transfer?

While we strongly advise you to verify the transaction details before completing the transaction, we understand that errors may occur. However, note that initiated transactions often can’t be reversed or stopped. Please send us an email with transaction details to enable us to review, and possibly assist you.

How can I cancel a transfer?

Please send us an email with transaction details to enable us to review, and possibly assist you.

Can the recipient exchange USD for Naira at the cash pick-up location?

Please note that Barter does not provide currency exchange services. However, recipients can inquire at the pick-up location from the cashier after collecting the cash.

Can the recipient collect Naira via cash pick up?

No, The cash can only be collected in US Dollars (USD) in line with CBN directives. 

Have questions or need clarification on cash pick up with Barter? Send us an email today; we’re happy to hear from you. 

Published by Owuraku Ohene Ampadu-Kissi

Product marketer