Over the years, we have continued to see great innovations in all areas of life; automobiles, money, and technology. A great example is the story of The Ford Company, which started with the Ford Quadricycle Runabout (1896), the first automobile Henry Ford built at his home in Detroit, to the latest vehicle by the Ford Company, the electric 2022 Ford F-150 Truck.

Like The Ford Company, money has also gone through a series of innovations; from Payment by Barter to Coins to Paper Money to Mobile Payments and now, Virtual Currencies.

As a company on a mission to simplify payments for endless possibilities, we are excited to announce the new SafeBoda Wallet, powered by Flutterwave. 

SafeBoda is a community of entrepreneurs and boda (okada) drivers revolutionizing transportation, payments, and on-demand services in Africa’s cities and believe that everyone in African cities should have access to affordable services at the click of a button. 

The motorcycle or okada industry has been an informal industry for a long time. The lack of proper regulations and professionalism gave rise to that. SafeBoda wants to restructure this informal industry by providing tested, trusted and safe transportation for everyone.

SafeBoda has successfully built a system that ensures convenience & safety for users, they have invested in training, verifying & equipping their riders to make them very professional.

What Is SafeBoda Wallet?

The SafeBoda Wallet is a feature on the app that makes it easier for users to pay electronically for services rendered. The Wallet will improve the experience for both users and riders, paying and accepting payment for rides or deliveries will become more seamless. 

How Does It Work?

The Wallet option allows users to go cashless, they do not need to pay riders with cash after each ride or delivery. Instead, they only need to top up their wallet on the app using their debit or credit cards.
To access this new feature, you can update your SafeBoda app or download it from Apple App Store and Google Play Store

To top up your SafeBoda wallet:

  1. Go to your app store or play store and update your SafeBoda app. Updating your app gives you access to this cool new feature. 
  2. Open your updated SafeBoda app and click on “Top-up”. 
  3. Click on the “Credit/Debit card” option.
  4. Key in your email address and the amount you want to top up your wallet with.
  5. Enter your card details. 
  6. Wait for a One-Time Password (OTP) to be sent to the phone number attached to your card.
  7. Enter the OTP.
  8. Your wallet is loaded and ready to be used! 🥳💰

You can also watch the video below to learn how to top up your wallet

We are excited to be partnering with SafeBoda to power its mission of empowering communities to thrive. We can’t wait to hear the customers talk about how this new feature has made it easier for them to pay for rides and deliveries.

Published by Rotimi Okungbaye

Product marketer