From providing virtual gift cards that make it easy for everyday Africans to purchase and subscribe on global platforms to providing a seamless way of sending money to anyone anywhere in the world, the promise of Barter by Flutterwave has been upheld. The promise of Barter by Flutterwave is a promise that we can offer everyone a financially borderless world. It’s about a world of no financial restrictions. This promise has now extended to a very simple but common way we share love to our loved ones.

Making it rain” at the events and celebrations of our loved ones is a common feature for a lot of Africans. It’s not clear the origin of this act but it is clear the effect this has on the recipients. From offsetting the cost of our events to building cash reserves for newly weds for instance, it’s obvious that this practice is rooted in showing love to our loved ones.

Continue to show love to your loved ones like you’ve always done

The purpose of technology is always to improve processes. The point of Barter hasn’t just been about the virtual gift card service or just sending money to anyone anywhere. It’s been about offering everyone a financially borderless world in which the possibilities are endless. It’s about showing love and staying connected to our loved ones regardless where we are in the world at anytime.

This is why the only thing that’s changed now is how we do what we do, not what we do or why we do it…

Spray money digitally with the Barter Money Gun. Show love to your loved ones like you’ve always done. Send money at anytime and to anyone with Barter because life is better Barter with no financial restrictions.

We’re still on the quest to unite Africa through payments, to make the continent feel like a country, to unlock doors of opportunities for the over 500 million young people in Africa, to ensure that we stay connected to our loved ones regardless of our geographical location and to remain financially borderless.

If you’re with us on this quest, we appreciate you and promise to continue to break new grounds to make your life Barter 😉. If you’re yet to join us on this quest, rectify that right now, here.

Published by Owuraku Ohene Ampadu-Kissi

Product marketer