Late last year, a company named Agglomerate Technology was launched with the brand promise of changing the consumer supply chain. Agglomerate Technology is a Nigeria based organization looking forward to making a major contribution to the consumer supply chain. Through the use of technology, the company has brought great efficiencies into the supply chain. 

The company was inspired by digital wholesale markets in the US, India and Pakistan, amongst other countries, with a good record of digital marketplaces and how they have provided value to their customers. Agglomerate Technology serves businesses such as restaurants, hotels and cafes with essentials such as personal care items, packaged food and toiletries, and other items through their e-store, named Agglo Store.

Agglo Store provides convenience to businesses that seek to purchase items in bulk through their platform. Initially, some of these companies had to travel far distances to wholesale markets  to make purchases for the required goods. The companies faced problems such as time constraints, inability to return damaged or nearly expired products, missing out on promos and still paid more for these products compared to shopping on Agglo. . Additionally, Agglo Store provides free delivery services for orders over N30k to businesses in Lekki and environs when these businesses purchase goods from their store, saving them time and money and most importantly providing value to them. 

The core values of Agglomerate technology are Transparency, Efficiency, Reliability and Customer Service. With great aspirations to the founders’ motherland, Nigeria but not blind to the many ills existing within the society, Agglomerate Technology wants to set the record straight and change the status quo of the country. The company’s long-term objective is to provide a digital alternative to wholesale markets such as  Eko market, a popular location in Nigeria where goods are usually purchased in bulk by merchants. 

The company leverages partnerships with manufacturers & their distributors and facilitates their growth in the market. One of the companies that have provided the company with technological support is Flutterwave, helping them to never worry about receiving and making payments.

“Even though we have a Nigerian business bank account, the moment money gets into our wallet, Flutterwave serves as a temporal bank account which allows us to make payments directly from our dashboard. Flutterwave has been the cornerstone of Agglomerate Technology’s payment service. When it comes to receiving and making payments, we are sorted.” 

Foluwa Akinsemoyin, Co-founder  of Agglomerate Technology.

Agglomerate Technology is open for business and wants to solve problems in the consumer supply chain industry. The business seeks to do this within the shortest possible time. 

A vital characteristic of succeeding in the consumer supply chain space is providing your customers with easy, seamless ways to make payments to your business. Agglomerate Technology can do this by processing online payments with Flutterwave. They have the capability of getting access to real-time transaction data and can process payments for customers stress-free. 

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Published by Owuraku Ohene Ampadu-Kissi

Product marketer