Digital transformation is no longer a buzzword like it used to be. It is now a business model. For some, it has become a way of life. For everyday brick and mortar businesses, digital transformation has become a means of survival.

We have partnered with Ecobank, the pan-African bank with presence in East, West, Central and Southern Africa to offer digital business and banking solutions to support business growth. 

Here are 5 ways this partnership will benefit businesses in Africa: 

Digital transformation for free 

At a time most consumers are going digital, it makes absolute sense that businesses meet them where they are. Do you want some digital consumption numbers? 75% of people shop online at least once a month. 65% of shopping journeys start online. There are 2.5bn online shoppers at the end of 2020 and E-commerce sales are expected to reach $6.5trillion by 2023.

Now what is your reason for not taking your business online? Finance? Technology? Design? Flutterwave Store is the easiest way to get online and start shopping without writing a single line of code or designing a single page. It gives you a trusted online presence that can easily compete with other ecommerce stores on Google Search. Join over 30,000 businesses today and start selling and earning. Sign up here

Free Digital Marketing Training 

The Flutterwave and Ecobank partnership provides digital training packages for businesses. If you feel intimidated by some sales, social media, marketing concepts which could grow your business, leveraging this partnership will not only help you get online at no cost, but will teach you how to start selling online, at zero cost. Partake in Flutterwave’s Grow My Business Webinar in partnership with Ecobank and learn useful digital skills to help grow your business, for free. Start now. Start here.  

Secure and Trusted Payment Processing 

While we celebrate the good and beautiful days of the ecommerce boom and the better days ahead, it is also true that some people with bad intentions are online. That is one good reason why you should not depend on manual means for business transactions. Flutterwave offers a high level of protection for users and with Flutterwave, you are sure your money is safe. 

Specialised Business Banking for Your Business Growth


Ecobank, the Pan-African bank is bringing various banking products together into a single package for business owners looking to create accounts with them. Part of the package is the opportunity to open a Flutterwave Store. However, Ecobank provides other packages to business owners including cash flow trade and advisory services. All you need to do is, open your business account with Ecobank, qualify for the pack that fits your needs, apply for cashflow trade and advisory services, grow your business and re-invest. Register here

Open your business to the International Market

Flutterwave processes payments in over 150 currencies, with physical presence in 17 African countries, including Ghana, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, Nigeria, etc. What this means is that you can receive payments from anywhere in the world with Flutterwave. There are situations where Flutterwave merchants in Lagos and other African cities have received payments from as far as Qatar, Dubai for onward delivery to locations in said cities. You too can expose your business to such endless possibilities with Flutterwave. All you need to do is, sign up here

Published by Nonso

Senior Manager, Branding and Storytelling