Bitmart is a multi-faceted entrepreneurial business of goods globally imported into and exported out of South Africa. The company was created in December 2015, and since then, it has been on the path to success. Bitmart has done exceptionally well, especially in sourcing PPE equipment and other necessary tools to combat COVID-19 for the South African local communities, the Police and the Army. 

Upon inception, Bitmart made a list of all the products that are high in demand and retailed those products on their website. Bitmart has over 7,000 items listed on its e-shop. The company sells all these products to its global customers. As the seasons change and new products are in high demand, the company adapts. Bitmart started by sourcing products from mattresses to graphic cards and gaming equipment. The onset of electric motorbikes has however been the recent focus of Bitmart. 

During the lockdown in 2020, Bitmart sourced 3-PLY masks, gloves, and PPEs distributed to the South African Police Service and the Military Reserve Service in cities and to the broader public. The company did well and has sold over 2.1 Million PPEs in South Africa to date.

Their ideal customers of Bitmart are individuals or businesses looking to bring in a unique or competitive product that challenges the market status-quo in their industry. One of the current commendable clients of Bitmart is a farmer in Nigeria that is importing equipment from China to service his farm. Bitmart uses an expedited third party company to load all the equipment in Hong Kong and gets them delivered to the Lagos port with sea freight. Bitmart has also designed some of its own products, produced in China and sold in South Africa like the Bitmart Box Fan, and the Bitmart M5 & SE Electric Motorcycles.

One of the main focus points of Bitmart is customer delight. The company seeks to give customers the best buying experiences. A scenario is when a client bought two items from the e-store, and one of them got damaged in transit. Bitmart refunded the customer for the damaged item and later got it replaced. This converted the customer into a recurring one. Many do not consider Bitmart as the biggest procurement company. However, the company is linked to quality, excellent delivery, accountability and profitable business. Good business Ethics lies at the heart of Bitmart’s culture.

Accountability, Integrity and Customer Satisfaction are the core values of Bitmart. The company also seeks to make sure that its services can bestow a feeling of pure joy and happiness in its customers’ heart to continue doing business with them.

Aside from the challenge of not being able to bring items into the country due to lockdown within countries, unavailable flights and every other restriction countries have been forced to put in place because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bitmart still faces some challenges. The company has had to deal with staff being sick during crucial times, and people dealing with private family issues. The “new normal” has not been exactly pleasant to the company. The challenge they face now is the social disconnect they are forced to live with these days. It is now close to impossible to have lunch or dinner with your client to discuss business.

To run a successful business, the organisation has put two main processes in place:

  1. Systems
    Bitmart has put dependable systems to ensure the company’s administration runs like a bullet train. They have invested in hiring brilliant and diligent people to ensure the company runs smoothly. These people have a complete grasp of the business and how important their roles are to the success of the business. 
  2. Software
    They make use of software to save costs and cut down on tedious processes. They have also invested in cloud-based software to eliminate hardware costs in their business, from bookkeeping software to inventory and productivity software. Rather than spend more person-hours, they use smarter computers for their work.
    A great example is Flutterwave, which is a very personal favourite of Jacques, the CEO. The efficiency in terms of the platform and all the available features make it a personal favourite. Flutterwave truly brings together Bitmart and its clients with a delightful payment experience for both parties.

“The experience with Flutterwave has been absolutely and phenomenally exceptional up to date. I couldn’t believe there was a payment processor with the reach that Flutterwave has got and the client support. We’ve had absolutely no malfunctions or shutdowns or crashes of any sort I am aware of on the Flutterwave platform. We currently have a service provider that goes off at least 5 times a month, especially at peak times.
Flutterwave is the payment solution provider of choice for our business. The fees are amazingly structured; Flutterwave’s ability to handle forex from other Countries to Rand is exceptional. As an all-round package, we are really impressed and very comfortable using Flutterwave in our business.”

– Jacques, CEO of Bitmart

With Bitmart’s payments powered and protected by Flutterwave, Africa’s top online payment platform, Bitmart has the capability to make procuring goods online simple and convenient for its users not just in South Africa but across the world. At Flutterwave, we are on a mission to simplify payments for endless possibilities. If you run an online business, let us help you get paid across the world, contact us here.

Published by Owuraku Ohene Ampadu-Kissi

Product marketer