Since the COVID-19 crisis, our already digitally-driven world has undergone a rapid digital transformation as people seek more ways to maximise the internet.

Record number of people in Africa are adopting internet usage with Tanzania, in particular, boasting a 3% (428 000) increase in internet users since 2019.

It becomes even more important for businesses in Tanzania to leverage this rising adoption of the internet, to grow sales and expand. How can Tanzanian businesses offer their customers affordable modern online and offline payment options in Tanzania? options through a secure modern platform?

We bring the world to your doorsteps

Born out of the need for modern, integrated payment solutions in emerging economies, Flutterwave was founded in 2016 to mitigate the payment challenges businesses face, which include cross-border transferral restrictions, the inability to use foreign credit cards, lack of trust and the absence of foreign bank accounts.

We have since made modern online and offline payments accessible to Africa and emerging economies as a whole through several innovative software solutions, namely Flutterwave for Business (Checkout and Store), Barter, Invoices, payment plans and customisable payment links. We have also made it easier for African and Tanzanian businesses to receive payments from as far as Qatar, Dubai, UK, US etc. That is a whole new market for your business.

With our payment tools, merchants can collect payments from customers anywhere in the world using desktops, Android, iOS, and even in-person. Payments can be made in your clients’ local currencies, with over 150 options that include Naira, Dollars, Pounds, Euro and Yuan.

To ensure higher transaction success rates, we also allow you to offer your clients modern payment methods, such as debit and credit cards, bank accounts and transfers, Mobile Money, POS, M-Pesa, Visa QR, and USSD.

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Flutterwave for Business

This innovative Flutterwave service can be integrated into websites, online platforms, and merchant to allow for the modern convenience of smart, secure online and offline payments. Save for seamlessly receiving online payments; this digital POS tool solves the problem of on-the-spot bank transfers that never arrive. Merchants can use Flutterwave to receive payments at events, pop-ups, and concerts via card, bank account, and USSD.

Tanzanian businesses signed up with Flutterwave can request mobile card readers delivered to their door or place of business too. Regardless of your business’ size, you can quickly and easily receive payments and email receipts at events, conferences, festivals, and so on. These convenient, contemporary POS devices are more compact and require less maintenance than their outdated counterparts.

Learn how to request a Flutterwave POS


Through Barter, we empower sellers to be “truly borderless” by making loans and international and local online payments easier. With Barter, you won’t have to worry about how to spend, send, and borrow money. Individuals and sellers can receive fast, short-term loans without stringent credit checks, while also having the ability to send money to loved ones near them who need it.

Customisable Payment Links

Our mission is to remove barriers to prosperity, rather than reinforce them. To this end, we have also created an innovative online payment solution without the need for a website or integration, directly benefiting freelancers, those who sell on social media, and other independent sellers.

Freelancers and individuals can create custom links based on their business needs, ranging from one-time payments, recurring and subscription payments, and even donations. These can be sent to customers anywhere in the world in their local currency through WhatsApp, eMail, Telegram, and social media platforms.

Easy-to-use eCommerce solution for your business

The Flutterwave Store is quite simply the easiest way to start that business you have been thinking about. The Flutterwave Store helps you realise your dream of being a business owner in just 3 steps. And even if you have not made up your mind on what business to start, here is a long list of 15 business ideas you could explore on your Flutterwave Store.

All you need to do?

Create or Login to your Flutterwave account

To get your online store up and running, you need to be logged in your Flutterwave account. Don’t have one? You can create an individual or business account here for free.

Go to (Store) on your dashboard and create a store.

Create your store, add products and specifications, including images and take your store online.

You’re all set up!

Now that your store is up and running, share the news with everyone. Send to customers, add it to your social media channels, and start selling immediately.

Setup your Flutterwave Store in 3 minutes

We’re here to support Tanzanian businesses in their growth journey

With our innovative payment software and platform, businesses across Africa can expand into the global economy and enjoy a new wave of prosperity post-pandemic. With the ability to sell online, in-person, and everywhere in between across country, currency, payment method, and platform, Tanzanian business owners can enjoy scalable business opportunities regardless of geographic restrictions.

If you too would like to offer your clients modern, online and offline payment options in Tanzania, contact us at Flutterwave and someone from our Tanzania Office will reach out to you.

Or you can easily get started here!

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