Looking for a trusted payment processing platform for your business in Kenya? Look no more.

Here are the 7 most important factors to consider while searching for the top payment processing platform in Kenya.

A payment processing platform that allows you connect with customers across countries and currencies

Go for an online payment processing platform in Kenya that allows you to connect with untapped customers across countries and currencies, allowing you to cater for all their transactional needs and significantly increasing your transaction volume. Your customers can conveniently pay in their local currencies – and you can collect payments from them in 100s of currencies. These include Naira, Dollars, Pounds, Euro, Yuan, and many, many more.

Of what use is it, picking a Kenyan payment processor that cannot guarantee that you receive payments from everywhere in the world? Imagine the revenue you are leaving on the table? Flutterwave receives payments from 150 currencies globally and you can get started here, now.

A payment processor that plugs into popular payment methods and platforms

A notable way to build trust with your customer is to offer them payment platforms with their preferred payment methods and options. In an era where attention spans and time are dwindling every day, offering popular payment avenues is essential to keeping your customers’ attention on you – and not your competitors.

With Flutterwave, your customers can make payments online, in-person, or through their smartphones (Android and iOS). They can also choose their preferred payment method from debit and credit cards, bank transfers, mobile money wallets, M-Pesa, Visa QR, American Express, USSD and POS.

A payment processing platform that receives payments without a website integration

No website or integration? No problem! You should work with a payment processing platform that can receive payments on the go. For a small business, building and maintaining a website could increase your cost drastically. You do not want that. Our mission is to remove barriers to prosperity in Kenya, rather than create them. That’s why you can create and send customisable payment links in 150+ currencies to customers across the globe from your Kenyan office or house, or even beach, not to talk of Safari.

The best part? You can modify them as needed to suit your business needs (and those of your customers). You can create custom payment links for one-time payments, recurring payments, payment plans, and even donations for your charity or NPO!

Create, send, and track payments through easy invoicing

Gone are the days of late payments and missing invoices! With a great invoicing service, you can create and send professionally structured invoices in 150+ currencies, allowing you to get paid by both local and global customers. You can easily track and manage all payments from our dashboard, taking note of overdue invoices and sending polite, automated reminders to remind your customers to pay on time.

Setup a business storefront for free

You need a payment processing platform in Kenya that allows you set up an online store easily and start selling your products within minutes – for free! You need a storefront where you can use default rates at checkout using over 150 currencies, payment methods, and platforms. With Flutterwave Store, all of these and more are possible.

Our checkout is also compatible with leading eCommerce stores, such as WooCommerce and Shopify.

Find out what Techrunch says about the Flutterwave Store, here.

Prevent Cart Abandonment With a Reliable Payment Checkout

A reliable and efficient payment checkout is specifically designed to reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase transaction success rates. Your customers shouldn’t be deterred by long waiting times or confusing checkout processes; they should ideally breeze through the payment process and purchase within seconds using their local currency and preferred payment method and platform. No more losing customers to your competitors!

This way, you can easily scale your business across geographical boundaries and remove any barriers to buying from you. The Flutterwave Checkout is optimised to help you close sales as fast as possible.

Try it out yourself.

A payment processor that helps you create and manage virtual cards for your team

Going for a trusted payment technology platform? Go for one with virtual card features. These cards can be created with different scenarios in mind and with customisable site-specific and spending limits based on your business needs.

Once issued, they can be used instantly through mobile wallets, paving the way for swift and seamless new business models. In fact, you can even create a new FinTech business using some simple lines of code!

With our single API and card issuing platform, you can create, issue, and manage virtual cards for your team now.

All of these features from only one platform? It just doesn’t get better than that – and this is precisely why Flutterwave is renowned as the top payment processing platform in Kenya even four years later, by some industry experts.

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