Over the past few years, organic beauty products have been the preferred choice for many people, some prefer organic products due to their natural benefits whereas others prefer it because they are grown without herbicides and contaminations. Skin Gourmet, a natural skin care product line made up of locally sourced ingredients from Ghana is taking organic products to the next level. One of the most interesting things about skin gourmet’s products is, the products are so organic that you can eat them raw.

The story of Skin Gourmet began when Violet Amoabeng, the Founder, suffered a skin irritation after trying a variety of creams and balms. It was through the use of solely shea butter that the irritation was healed without leaving any scars or spots on her skin. This incident gave her the drive to start Skin Gourmet.

The best selling products from Skin Gourmet are their scrubs, butter, oils and soaps. They, however, manage to get good feedback from all their products, some wear it whereas others eat it. Imagine buying a skincare product and eating it rather than using it on your skin, well, that’s what mostly happens when the product happens to be tasty and edible. The clay mask is a favourite for consumption amongst many.

Skin Gourmet’s tagline is “RAW. PURE. WILD” since the ingredients of the products are in their raw & pure state and sourced in the wild. This helps them to give their customers unaltered products free from any form of chemicals or contamination. With their premium quality taste and feel, it becomes quite difficult for users to do away with the products.

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Published by Owuraku Ohene Ampadu-Kissi

Product marketer