You know how important Instagram’s Stories feature has been for your business? 

How you are able to post fleeting moments of your business there? Posting things you would not normally post on your timeline? More content for events, more avenues for posting all of those online reviews; text or video? Those special moments?

Yes, that and more is what Twitter Fleets does for your business. 

In this post, we will show you 5 ways small businesses can Fleet their way to massive sales this season and more. 

Engage and Nurture your Followers

Twitter Fleets offer the right opportunity to show your Twitter-based customers what you’ve never shown them before. It offers them the opportunity to connect with your brand and see more content from you. Small businesses know that it takes a lot to create useful content that goes on their blogs and their timelines. I mean, any content that has to go on your timeline will have to go through more scrutiny for quality control because it is permanent. 

With Fleets, you can engage your followers with just about any content concerning you, as long as it’s appropriate. That way, you remain top of the mind for your audience. 

Bring them into your behind the scenes processes – how do you package your products? If your products are handmade, how can you bring them into the creative process of your products?

If you are curious about a number of things about other businesses, your customers are curious too. 

Generate leads strategically

Listen, it is 100% possible that any person that always views your Fleets, is somehow interested in your product. So, if the person has not purchased, maybe it is an issue of affordability or the person needs more persuasion? 

Well, this is not an invitation to stalk people but if you check your fleets, you’d definitely see those who have viewed your products. You can make a list and tally the most consistent viewers after one week. You can make them special offers and because there is already that interest, they are more likely to buy than people on your timeline. Saves you money on Email lead nurturing too!  

Humanise your Business

If you sell sneakers for instance, beyond seeing beautiful pictures of your sneakers, you should want your audience to see a different view of your product. Why not create a video of a prospective buyer testing out the sneakers and fleets the video? 

It gives you two things: 

  • It shows that people are buying your products (FOMO kicks in). 
  • It gives you the opportunity to post valuable content for your Fleets; another way for your audience to see your product. 

Or why not give a loyal  customer your product this holiday season and Fleet every moment of the gifting and the receiving? 

Generate interest, hype and vibes

Whatever business you do, you can use your Twitter Fleets to generate curiosity and interest in your product. Let’s continue with the sneaker analogy we used before. 

You could use your Fleets to show the latest arrivals, hot from the delivery van. Maybe you wouldn’t post pictures of the delivery guys bringing in the shoes, on your timeline, but you could Fleet videos of them doing so. 

Twitter’s Fleets feature gives your business more flexibility and takes away the restrictions of seriousness so you can rise everyday and shine on social media. 

Unboxing your new products? Fleet it. 

Post Screenshots of your Flutterwave Store

You already know that Flutterwave Store is the best and the most efficient way to buy and sell products from your favourite small business. With a trusted payment provider like Flutterwave, you are sure of security, convenience and speed. 

As a business, you can leverage Fleets to post screenshots of your products generating massive interest and sales. 

That way, you create fear of missing out (FOMO) among your audience base and cash out. 

What is stopping you from fleeting a screenshot of the latest product you just uploaded to your Flutterwave Store. You don’t have a Flutterwave Store yet? Register here now. 

Published by Nonso

Senior Manager, Branding and Storytelling