We started out in 2016, and since then, Flutterwave has envisioned a world where African businesses can expand to global proportions by tapping into customers anywhere in the world!

A world where Kwame in Ghana can receive fast and seamless payments from Jane in the UK and Joy in Kenya can pay a business in Nigeria successfully–that is what we live for.

Our online payment gateway breathes life into this vision by allowing your business to make and receive payments across continents, currencies, preferred payment methods, and platforms.

But, why is Flutterwave still the top choice in Nigeria four years later?

Why are investors still backing us strongly after 4 years?

A Top Online Payment Gateway For Nigerians

Before Flutterwave came into the payment scene, sending money into Nigeria was challenging and worrying for global customers. Incoming payments took months to process. Even transferring payments to local Nigerian banks could take at least a week!

We saw all of these and we simply said, “No, we have to do something!” And guess what? We did something. 

In a country where business prosperity was, and still is, essential to the prosperity of the economy as a whole, the need for safe, swift, and successful online payment gateways was deafening!

We believe that solving the payment challenges for merchant partners across the continent could unlock billions of dollars for the country and by extension, for Africa.  And so, out of the need for nurturing Nigeria’s economy, Flutterwave was born.

Flutterwave’s New Wave Of Payment Methods

Flutterwave’s mission is to bring forth a new era of prosperity in Nigeria, and then Africa as a whole, by connecting businesses to a global market using innovative, first world API (Application Programming Interface).

Nigerian businesses and banks are now able to make and receive payments with speed, simplicity, and security, paving the way for scalable business opportunities. Businesses are no longer bound by location or currency, but are rather armed with the technology needed to reach untapped customers anywhere in the world, whether online or in-person, through their:

Preferred payment method (such as all debit and credit cards, bank accounts, bank transfers, Mobile Money wallets, M-Pesa, Visa QR, American Express, and USSD.)

Preferred platform (such as eCommerce websites, POS (in-person), smart phones [Android, iOS])

Chosen currency (over 150 currencies, including Naira, Dollars, Euro, Yuan, and Pounds)

Businesses are now able to surmount years worth of sales bottlenecks that sabotaged them in the past and start building a booming global future, all with Flutterwave. That makes us happy!

Watch the Founders of Smoked Barbecue Box talk about receiving payments from a customer in Qatar for a product that will be delivered to a Lagos address.

Increased Convenience For Increased Sales with Flutterwave

Flutterwave endeavours to increase sales for Nigerian businesses by making more and more payment methods and platforms available to shoppers, who’s lack thereof is a notable cause of shopping cart abandonment.

With our many variety of payment methods across various countries, you can be sure to find one that you are most comfortable with, whether Barter, Cards, Bank or more.

We have a  highly responsive, simple, smart, and a swift checkout process which makes the overall payment experience seamless for our customer’s customers. You can be confident that nothing will stand in the way of your sales.

Watch Foye Oraka, the Author of Bible Basics for Kids talk about how Flutterwave helps her sell her eBooks seamlessly.

Silencing Stereotypes through Impenetrable Security Processes

Flutterwave has increased trust around the subject of sending money to Nigerian organisations by putting security measures like ISO 27001 & 22301 Certification and PA DSS & PCI DSS in place.

In addition, we have launched the Payments Protection Promise which ensures that anyone who pays with Flutterwave is protected and will receive value for money.

These measures prove and highlight our commitment to transparent, ethical business practices and processes, as well as their robust business continuity plan.

They recognise Flutterwave’s prowess as an online payment gateway that exceeds the highest level of Security Audits, instilling confidence in our ability to protect our customers’ reputation, money, and that of their customers, as well as solidifying our position as the top choice in Nigeria.

For more information on our products, services, and opportunities for business growth, visit Flutterwave, Now

Listening to the People and Providing Timely and Much-needed Product Updates and Launches

When the lockdown happened, we thought of the best way to support small businesses in Africa. They were closing up. They were losing money. They needed help and we came up with Flutterwave Store.

Flutterwave Store is quite simply the best and easiest way to launch and manage an e-commerce business that accepts payments from anywhere in the world without creating a website, knowing how to code etc.

Small businesses have been leveraging this product to sell their products in and out of sleep. You too can go for it. Sign up to Flutterwave Store here.

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