“Satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement”

– G.S. Alag

As businesses we recognize that customer satisfaction is the major ingredient required for success and that is why we are very focused on satisfying our customers. And because, your customers are, by extension, our customers; we have made them a promise in order to ensure that they are happy, and that they stay with you. That promise is the Flutterwave Payment Protection Promise.

What is the Flutterwave Payment Protection Promise?

The Flutterwave Payment Protection Promise is our commitment to customers that we will secure their money and provide them peace of mind when shopping online and paying via Flutterwave on any website. We are guaranteeing customers that they will be protected if the item or service they pay for doesn’t arrive, is faulty or damaged when it arrives, or doesn’t match the item that was listed. Flutterwave guarantees that they will get their money back.

How does the the Flutterwave Payment Protection Promise affect you as a business using Flutterwave?

Because our promise to customers is that they will always be eligible to receive a full refund of their purchase, as long as their payment scenario is covered by our Payment Protection Promise, it is important to know what the Payment Protection Promise covers and what is does not.

What is covered.

All payments and transfers initiated by Flutterwave, which are made to merchants for the provision of goods and services are covered by the Flutterwave Payment Protection Promise.

  • Payments for items that adhere to our terms of service. See here for our terms of service.
  • Payments for items to Flutterwave merchants that were processed via the Flutterwave gateway.
  • Payments for transactions within 60 days after the transaction date.

What is not covered.

As much as we want to protect the customers’ money, there are a few scenarios where our promise will not cover.

  • Payments for items that violate our terms of service. See here
  • Payments for items to Flutterwave merchants that were not processed via the Flutterwave gateway
  • Payments for transactions processed over 60 days after the transaction date
  • Payments for items delivered exactly as described by the seller- you changed your mind after a purchase and after the merchant’s refund promise has elapsed.
  • Payments for transactions that have previously been disputed by your bank’s chargeback process
  • Payments for damage or loss that occurs to goods after they are delivered to the destination you provided to your seller (including a freight forwarder).

If a customer files a for a refund that meets the conditions that the Flutterwave Payment Protection Promise covers, the claim is lodged in your Dashboard under “Refunds and Chargebacks” where you get a chance to dispute the claim.

We have a support article that contains information on everything about how we handle chargebacks and you can read that here.

What if the customer isn’t being honest?

You can dispute any claims and provide proof that the customer is being dishonest. You can also blacklist the customer afterwards to prevent them from taking advantage of you in future.

Do I have to dispute every claim?

Yes, you should if you don’t agree with the claim. If you ignore a claim, it will be taken to mean that you have accepted the ignored claim. In such an instance, your customer gets their refund and your position is debited.

How long do I have before it’s too late to dispute a customer’s claim?

You have up to 24 hours to respond. The claim and dispute might not be resolved in 24 hours, but you have up to 24 hours to make your first response and start the dispute process if you wish to dispute any claim.

What does Flutterwave do after 24 hours?

If there is no dispute after 24 hours, Flutterwave immediately refunds the customer and debits your position or places a lien of same amount to be deducted at your next settlement.

Is there a threshold amount for the refunds or it’s just any amount?

The threshold is ₦10,000. This means that only transactions worth ₦10,000 or less are eligible for immediate refunds.

Does this apply to every Flutterwave business right now?

No, this policy is only in effect for Flutterwave businesses in Nigeria, i.e businesses transacting in Naira.

The Flutterwave Payment Protection Promise is designed to shield you and your customers, strengthen loyalty, and grow trust. You can go ahead and convince your customers that are skeptical about playing online by letting them know about the Flutterwave Payment Protection Promise.

Here is a link to the full policy and how it works for the customer.

Published by dikachim

Head, Product Marketing