Good news for payers on Flutterwave! Today, we’re introducing our Payments Protection Promise, which is our commitment to you to secure your money and provide the peace of mind you need when shopping online and paying with Flutterwave. 

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Shopping online is nothing new to most of us, unfortunately, the uncertainty that sometime comes with patronising a business online, or getting a refund when items don’t match your expectation, is also something that we’re regrettably, all too familiar with. The Flutterwave Payments Protection Promise exists to provide the guarantee that you need, to ensure that you continue to shop and pay with ease online.

Today, whenever you see the Flutterwave logo, you know that you can make payments securely using a variety of payment methods. With our Payments Protection Promise, you can also trust that not only are you secure when you pay online, if you ever run into issues like the item or service you paid for didn’t arrive, is faulty or damaged or doesn’t match what was listed, we promise that you will get your money back. 

We have rolled this out to all Flutterwave merchants; this means that regardless of if you pay a merchant that owns a Flutterwave store, or a merchant that has Flutterwave payment links or the Flutterwave payment gateway hosted on their website or mobile app, you and your payments are covered by this guarantee from today going forward.

Here’s How the Flutterwave Payments Protection Promise Works 

In the instance where you want to dispute a transaction and get your money back, you can either do this on your own, or reach out to us through any of our support channels via email, the live chat on the Flutterwave website, or our handles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Self service 

  • Visit our disputes page here
  • Provide your details
  • Click through on the disputed transaction
  • Click the ‘log a claim’ button
  • Provide your details as well as all the information requested
  • Look out for the correspondence from us through the process, we will send this via email and SMS

Support Channels

  • Send us a message through any of our support channels – Email, Live chat on the website, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
  • Provide us with as much detail as possible of the transaction including the Transaction reference number, the date of the transaction and the merchant involved,
  • Let us know you want to log a claim against the merchant
  • Look out for the correspondence from us through the process via email and SMS

Our Promise to You

We promise that after you log your claim against a merchant, we will contact the merchant and give you a response on your claim within 24 hours or as soon as we get a response from the merchant. 

Please note that to start with, we will be rolling this service out to only Nigerian merchants and we are only able to guarantee a 24hr refund on transactions where values are up to N10,000 and below. Please look out for further revisions on this policy in the future

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