We all know the benefits of cooking and eating from home but do we know the impact of cooking in relationships? This could mean two people cooking together or just one person doing the cooking as the other person hangs out in the kitchen and engages in conversations. It tends out that cooking enhances bonds between couples, friends and family. If this is not a catalyst to get into the kitchen with the company you love, then what is!

Dishrack, a culinary innovations company, serving a new entertaining experience to Ghanaians through boxes of curated meals, seeks to bring out your inner chef. They are presenting people with a new way to hang out indoors. Yes, hang out indoors! Dishrack brings the ingredients; you make conversations and create laughter and memories.

Dishrack believes that everyone can create beautiful dishes, with the right guidance. Hence, they have created a soulful, heartfelt meal that can be made for or with your favourite people while creating beautiful moments and memories from your hands to your hearts.

They provide meals such as sweet potato fries with chicken wings, beef stir fry with pasta, fried rice with chicken, amongst other products. Not knowing how to cook should not stop you since they provide a manual for all their meals.

Out of ideas with regards to things to do with your friends and family? Try cooking together to solidify your bond with Dishrack.

Want to get into that kitchen and create beautiful memories through tasty plates? Check out Dishrack on Flutterwave store. Click here to visit their store.

Published by Owuraku Ohene Ampadu-Kissi

Product marketer