This series is dedicated to understanding interesting ways people use Flutterwave products, and to showcase the different capabilities of Flutterwave.

Today’s episode is about a Flutterwave Store user who uses the Flutterwave Store for selling and also for building customer trust.

Firstly, why Flutterwave Store?

I found out about the Flutterwave Store on twitter and I was experimenting with it, really. Most of my customers are on Instagram and I didn’t think I needed a Flutterwave Store so it was just an experiment.

Why did you think you didn’t need a Flutterwave Store?

I’ve always sold on Instagram and accepted payments via direct bank transfer so I’ve never thought about an e-commerce store. Thinking about it now (because I don’t know) what I was thinking back then, I had a not-so ambitious view of my business. Thank God that’s past tense now LOL

So, what changed?

I don’t think there was a turning point per se because after a while of having my Store, I uploaded products and all because I felt it’d be an extra outlet, you know? People could somehow find my Store and purchase and all that. And well, it happened just that way. I got two orders so I decided to go through the dashboard to explore it a bit. Then I found that Flutterwave offered bank account transfer as a checkout option and that was when it clicked.

Let me give a little background: One of the ways, I usually lose business is when I send my personal bank account to a customer and they’re one of those ones that have been burnt online so they refuse to send money to a personal bank account.

I’d usually not bother and just count it as a loss but when I saw that Flutterwave’s bank transfer payment method gives a bank account that’s in my business name coupled with Flutterwave being a fairly popular company, I knew that I’d found a good use for my Flutterwave Store.

The Flutterwave Store solved my “I don’t send money to personal bank accounts” issue.

Does this work every time?

Yes, it does. my Flutterwave Store is in my bio these days and I send my Store link via DM when people enquire. Some of my customers especially the old ones still go ahead and pay by transfering to me since they have my account details but I don’t get to lose customers because they don’t want to transfer to my personal bank account. I just say, “please pay via Flutterwave, we’re registered on Flutterwave.” It’s almost a badge of honour πŸ˜‚

Is there any other Flutterwave Store feature you like?

There are quite a few. Firstly, I’m happy about all the payment options available; if one doesn’t work, another will. Then I like that you can upload multiple images of a product now. But what I love the most has to be that new feature where customers can leave instructions for you when checking out. It’s my favourite because it really drastically reduces need for further whatsapp/IG conversation after the customer has gone to the Store.

If you could improve one feature what would it be?

I’d like my favourite feature improved πŸ˜‚. But seriously, the Delivery Note feature, I’d like to see it with a chat option such that when a customer leaves instructions, I have an option to reply those instructions via my email and the customer receives it. That’d be something I’d love so much. Also, I’d like a mobile app for managing my Store.

Did you say mobile app?

Yes, seriously. I’m sure you guys have started working on it, have you?

Shhh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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