Following recent events, the Barter team redirected its efforts towards stabilizing the app and improving its performance, while we work towards the ultimate goal of restoring card services to expectation.

Today we released a stability update that packs in considerable performance improvements.
Here’s What’s Changed:

Bug fixes

We identified and fixed 39 bugs reported by customers.
For example, on iOS, we’ve fixed the bug that causes the app to lock out customers within five minutes.

User Experience Upgrades

We thought through pain points in the user experience and fixed them. For example, we have redesigned the signup, login and on-boarding process to make it easier to get new and returning users to what matters.

Existing Feature Improvements – Card Creation

We made improvements to existing features, which, taken together, further enhance the user experience. For instance, we improved the card creation experience because with this update, every time you create a card, you will be presented with a list of sites and will have to choose where you want to use the card. Based on your choice, we will then issue you a card for that specific website/app.

Barter Web Experience

We improved the Barter experience for users on the web.
For example: we now show user the card funding rate for customers using the web version of Barter.

Other improvements and upgrades:

  • We added a field to let users sending money include the beneficiary’s address for International withdrawals.
  • Customers in the UK on iOS can now successfully fund their accounts.
  • Mobile money has been enabled for Rwandan customers.
  • We’ve removed redundant features such as Migo loans for ineligible customers and NFC payments.

Thank you for trusting us on this journey as we continue to create endless possibilities for you.

Published by Wendy

Head, Branding and Storytelling