This series is dedicated to understanding interesting ways people use Flutterwave products, and to showcase the different capabilities of Flutterwave.

Today’s episode features a unique use for Flutterwave Payment Link that’s not very far off from the common use of the feature but is unique enough to give you an interesting read. Enjoy.

What was your journey to Flutterwave?

I’m not sure the exact way I got to know about Flutterwave but you know how Flutterwave is often mentioned on tech twitter, blogs etc. so maybe I should say I got to know about Flutterwave from social media. I downloaded Barter, and I still use Barter for online shopping, transfers etc.

How did you go from just Barter to Flutterwave for Business?

Well, I’m a freelancer, and I was looking for a way to collect payments regularly from abroad so I had to try out Flutterwave based on what I’d heard. So, I created a payment link initially for a one-off payment then because it worked well, I made it a recurring payment link for jobs that weren’t a one-off.

Ok, but you have a unique use case these days for your recurring payment link…

Yeah, I think it’s unique because many people probably haven’t thought about it but I don’t think it’s that special. Anyway, I am a very shy person and I hate awkward conversations. One of the most awkward conversations ever is when I have to ask for money I loaned out. I hate it so much that I had to find a way around it. I just figured that if people I work for abroad can pay me using my payment links, my debtors can too. So, before I lend anyone money, they have to add their card to my payment link that will debit them according to agreed amounts and timing.

That’s such an interesting use case, is it fool-proof?

I don’t think it is because they can cancel their card payments but it hasn’t failed me because I also don’t go around lending money to random people. The people who used to owe me before always did so because according to them, “they forgot.” With this, they can’t forget because they just get debited when due. Only way they can avoid now is by cancelling and that’s not exactly what people who forget do, is it?

Definitely not. So, are these people mostly family or just friends? And why did they not pick offence?

It’s a split between friends and family tbh. I don’t know why they’re not offended but I don’t expect them to be offended either because I’m helping them not forget LOL!

Is there anything you’d like to see added to the recurring payment link feature?

Is it possible to add custom receipts when they make payments? Some of my former debtors who now pay when due, need special congratulatory messages from me LMAO. Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything. It works just fine for me.

Thank you so much for sharing with us

You’re welcome, where do I send my invoice? Yes, I know Flutterwave has invoices. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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