There are numerous online payment options available in Africa. However, these payment methods are not as interconnected as they should be, which means that making and receiving payments can be quite difficult for you as a business that wants to expand beyond your local country. 

At every stage of your business growth, Flutterwave has a payment feature available for you. 

The best part is that you can receive payments from your customers anywhere in the world, and they are able to pay you through their preferred method of payments. 

We have done all the ‘plumbing’ work to ensure that you don’t lose customers because they don’t have a way to pay you. Right now, your customers can pay you through Flutterwave in over 150 currencies and in more than 10 ways. 

Online Payment Options Available on Flutterwave

Here’s a list of all the ways your customers can currently pay you through Flutterwave: 

  1. USSD – USSD is (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) – it is basically a shortcode provided by mobile network companies so people can carry out services. In countries like Nigeria, people can make transactions through their bank’s USSD codes through the Flutterwave checkout modal. 
  2. Mobile Money (Uganda, Kenya (M-PESA), Ghana, Zambia, Rwanda, Tanzania) – Mobile payments are a big deal in many parts of Africa, in Kenya, the most popular mobile payment method is M-PESA, it’s a Mobile Money transfer service.  
  3. Card Payments: The most popular kind of payment worldwide. This allows you to make use of a credit or debit card to make payment for a sale of goods or services. Card Payments are accepted through Flutterwaves payment Modal.
  4. Dashboard payment – Yes! We have wallet-to-wallet transfers available on Flutterwave. You can make payments to merchants on Flutterwave right now from your wallet to theirs, it’s FREE, it’s easy, and you don’t even have to leave your dashboard
  5. Barter payments: With Barter, you can manage your finances and also receive payments from your customers. Send and receive money globally, Create virtual dollar cards that work anywhere online. Get started here
  6. Pay with Bank Transfer – with Flutterwave Pay with Bank Transfer, your customers can pay you via a unique bank account number (generated on the payment gateway), and you can confirm payment immediately on your dashboard. 
  7. Visa QR – is an innovative way to make payments with Flutterwave. It enables you to send money from your bank account to any merchant by scanning a QR barcode.
  8. Paga – Paga is a payment option for merchants who integrate the Flutterwave payment gateway, your customers can pay you directly from their Paga wallet.
  9. PayAttitude – Flutterwave merchants are able to accept payments from PayAttitude customers using the PayAttitude payment method.
  10. Migo– Pay with Migo allows your customers to get access to microloans to complete their transaction immediately. You receive all your funds as usual, and the customers can pay Migo the loan within 14 days. 

At Flutterwave, the list of ways your customers can pay you are constantly growing and continually increasing. Our goal still remains to simplify payments for endless possibilities. 

The best part is you have full control over all the ways you want to receive payments through Flutterwave, you can manage this on your dashboard. 

How to Select Your Preferred Online Payment Options on Flutterwave

  1. Go to Settings on your dashboard 
  2. Click on Account Settings
  3. Then choose the method of payments you’ll like to use from the list.
  4. When you’re done, click on save.

That was easy, right? Now you can start this journey and grow your business with Flutterwave – The easiest way to accept payments from customers anywhere in the world. Get started here

Published by Seun OG

Content Creator