This series is dedicated to understanding interesting ways people use Flutterwave products, and to showcase the different capabilities of Flutterwave.

Today’s episode features a Flutterwave Store user who uses the Flutterwave Store in the most interesting way ever. For the purpose of her annonymity, we won’t mention her name. Enjoy.

What Flutterwave products do you use?

I’ve been a Barter user since forever but more recently Flutterwave Store even though I only have one customer LOL.

We’re coming to that. For now, what’s been your journey to using Flutterwave products?

So, I embraced Barter because I needed a way to shop online and at the time banks had restrictions. So, because I’ve had a generally good experience, I’ve been a Flutterwave fan. I found out about the Flutterwave Store on twitter when it was announced. Initially I didn’t think it was for me because I have a full time job and I’m not good at business until I jokingly discovered an interesting use for it.

Alright, it’s time. *den den den* Please tell us about how you use the Flutterwave Store?

LOL So, I have a full-time job and I live with just my husband who also has a full-time job. Prior to the pandemic, we were the average Lagos couple. We’re away at work each day and only see at night. So, we usually only get to share dinner and even then, it wasn’t always me cooking, sometimes we’d buy takeout. Fast forward to the pandemic and we are now working from home, sharing every meal but I’m doing all the cooking. My husband isn’t very useful in the kitchen and he admits that.

After a while, I felt it was unfair that he was saving his lunch money while I was cooking for him for FREE. That didn’t sit right with my spirit so I half-jokingly told him he’d have to start paying for food in the house.

What if he rejected the idea of paying for food?

He did laugh it off initially but after I saw a few food vendors use the Flutterwave Store I thought why don’t I create my own store for just him to buy from me. I knew that if I did that, he’d accept it because he’d initially pay for the fun of it but then he can’t suddenly stop. So, that’s how I ended up creating a Flutterwave Store to sell food to my husband.

I ended up creating a Flutterwave Store to sell food to my husband.

Do you think this is at all a ridiculous use case?

No, not at all. He can argue he buys most of the foodstuff in the house but cooking is still a job so if we hired a cook we’d pay the cook. I’m just getting what’s rightfully mine using technology. To be honest though, even I found it a bit funny when I first thought about it but who says I can’t make my own path?

So, for how long will you remain “the one customer restaurant?”

LMFAO You know, I never actually thought about this tagline so thank you. I’ll be keeping it. I am not going to go commercial in the foreseeable future. I have a full-time job that’s quite demanding so no chance for now.

So, how did you decide your pricing? Do you know if you’re making profit?

I just priced as the spirit led. I am making profit because I don’t buy the foodstuff. My restaurant converts foodstuff in the house to steaming hot food so my “costs” are very low LMAO

Thank you for giving us this interview.

You’re welcome. Thank you too for building products that can be used to solve real needs, my pocket is grateful.

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