This is not one of the regular “tips to avoid contracting the virus” posts that you are probably tired of reading. This is more of an “I honestly hope you are doing good despite everything that is going on” post – and maybe add a few tips, lol. 

It is so easy to get carried away with everything and forget that we are still dealing with the deadly virus. The government has made it easy for people to forget, due to the lockdown been eased in most states. Protecting yourself and your loved ones should still be a top priority – lockdown or no lockdown.  “Stay home, stay safe” was the song that everyone was singing during the initial stage of the virus outbreak. Well, it is still very much applicable now. Ensure to stay indoors except when necessary and if you must step out, take necessary precautions. 

Do not leave your house without the use of a proper face mask. This is another precaution that people tend to ignore. Using a face mask properly prevents you from contacting as well as spreading the virus. Your face mask should not be used as a “chin guard”, it must be worn when near another person and in places where it might be difficult to practice social distancing. This protects both yourself and the person next to you. 

Boost your immune system with the right diet and supplements. Have you ever wondered if you might have contacted the virus, but it did not affect you? This might be because your immune system is strong enough to fight the virus. Boosting your immune system cannot be overemphasized. There are various fruits, vegetables and supplements that can help to boost your immune system and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

In as much as we are aware of the precautions to take to avoid this virus, most people are beginning to overlook some things simply because we are overlooking the virus in general and how serious it is. We have gotten to the stage of the pandemic where we are forced to live with the virus. We are now certain that it is real – although some might still be in doubt – but we can no longer put our lives on hold because time is running out on us. Some activities are going back to normal and most people have resumed back to work. It is beginning to feel like the world has moved on but make no mistake – the virus is still among us. 

Together, we shall overcome this. 

Written by: Joan ( Medplus)

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