Life has changed since the pandemic started. Many children, and parents alike, have had to adapt to working and learning from home.

Exasperated parents wonder how to keep their children independently and productively occupied. The Clever Clogs Books Team have a secret to share with you…. inspire a love of reading in your children.

This will help you carve out some much needed free time to work on other essentials. Here are 21 tips from Clever Clogs Founder and Publisher Olubunmi Aboderin Talabi, on How To Inspire A Love of Reading In Children. For more details please visit @cleverclogsbook or

1. Let them see you read.

2. Talk about the storyline and ask questions based on books they read.

3. Let them read the book version of their favourite movie.

4. Try audiobooks.

5. Take them on a field trip to a library then make the visit fun by organising a treasure hunt with clues hidden amongst the books.

6. Have a home library or a reading corner in your home.

7. Bring books to life by dressing up as a character from a book or organising a family-friendly activity based on something in a book.

8. Celebrate authors.

9. Take them to festivals like the @akadafestival .

10. Do what you can to give them access to age-appropriate books.

11. Spread books around the house.

12. Read aloud.

13. Reread stories.

14. Children love bright, colourful pictures. Let them read well-produced picture books.

15. Get the younger ones rhyming picture books if available.

16. Encourage them to help you in the kitchen by reading recipe instructions.

17. Hide beneficial details in lists that your children will have to read to discover.

18. Start or join a reading club.

19. Find books that deal with issues similar to what you are going through.

20. Encourage them to read productive magazines.

21. Give books as gifts.

Here are some wonderful children’s picture books available from

1. Diary Of A Toddler

A great book for teaching children how to tell the time and a useful companion for parents seeking ideas on how to develop a practical daily routine for their children. Get here

2. Why Do You Wash Your Hands? 

Children and adults learn 13 different occasions before which or after which we should wash our hands. Get here

3. Tobi Bakes A Cake

A delightful Lagos family tale, a fun cake recipe and a lovely bedtime story perfect for reading aloud. Get here

4. Kob The Antelope

A beautifully-illustrated allegory set in Northern Nigeria. It shows children why it is better to follow the advice of a trusted parent, rather than the flattering words of a stranger. Get here

5. Tobi Visits the Conservatory

A firm family favourite that chronicles a fun day out a conservation center in the heart of Lagos. Get here

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